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04 Aug 2023

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Did you know Navi Mumbai is the biggest planned metropolis in the world? It is often called the satellite city of India and lies close to the dream city, Mumbai. This city never sleeps, people keep rushing to work, home, social outings, and hotels around the clock. Home to over 1,119,488 people, the primary mode of transportation for most is their personal two and four-wheelers, making it one of the busiest and most crowded cities in India. RTO Navi Mumbai plays a remarkable role in managing the traffic in Navi Mumbai. They direct and coordinate rules and regulations in the city for the effective functioning of transport and traffic.

RTO office Navi Mumbai address

RTO Code

RTO office Navi Mumbai Address

Contact Number

Office Timings


Dy. Regional Transport Office, T- Block, Sector 19B, APMC Market, Vashi, New Mumbai, Thane – 400 703

022-27840702, 27830701, 27839345

10:30 AM to 05:30 PM10:30 AM to 05:30 PM


Central Facility Building, Steel Market, Kalamboli, Panvel Taluka, Raigad District, Maharashtra - 410218


You can visit these offices between 10:30 AM-05:30 PM.

Functions of RTO Navi Mumbai

RTO Navi Mumbai was established in 1988 under Motor Vehicle Act to govern and manage transport throughout the city. RTO stands for regional transport office. It is a government body that looks after the day-to-day transportation affairs. They ensure road security, and vehicle safety to avoid any mishap. The key responsibilities of RTO Navi Mumbai are as follows,

• Furnishing driving licenses to beginners and permanent drivers

• They renew their driving licenses

• Your vehicle registration certificate is provided by the RTO Navi Mumbai

• Proving PUC, tracking vehicle fitness certificate

• Collecting taxes, maintaining the record of crimes against the registered vehicles

• Initiating new rules and regulations under Motor Vehicle Act.

Types of driver’s licenses

RTO Navi Mumbai offers various licenses based on the type of your vehicle as follows:

• Two-wheeler with a 50 CC engine capacity

RTO Navi Mumbai offers licenses to individuals above 16 for bikes with engine capacity below 50 CC.

• Two-wheeler with no gear

Driving licenses for vehicles without gear issued to individuals above 18 years for personal use with no limitation to engine capacity.

• Two-wheeler with gear

Geared two-wheeler falls under MCWG which is a motorcycle with gear issued to individuals above 18 years for personal use.

HPMV (Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle), HGMV (Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle), LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) for commercial purposes, and types of driving licenses are issued by the RTO office in Navi Mumbai.

Types of motor vehicle registration

RTO office Mumbai provides a temporary registration certificate, mostly issued for new vehicles, and is valid for a month. They also furnish a permanent vehicle registration certificate that is issued post the verification of all the submitted documents.

How do I apply for a driving license in Navi Mumbai?

You can visit the official website of RTO Navi Mumbai or the nearest RTO office in Navi Mumbai.

• Check for a driving license

• Select the option of a new driving license

• Fill up the application form and upload the documents

• Pay the application fee and choose a slot for the driving test

• Be present for the test on the scheduled date.

• If you pass the test, you will be issued a license by RTO Navi Mumbai.

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