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05 Jan 2023

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Introduction to RTO Office - Nagaland

For the purpose of regulating all transport-related activities in India, the Regional Transport Office or RTO Office was created by the government. The department's major goals are to keep a database of every car on the road and to provide driver's licences.

The northeastern part of India is home to the state of Nagaland. In accordance with section 133-A of the MV Act of 1933, the State's Motor Vehicles Department was established in 1963, the year Nagaland attained Statehood. The Motor Vehicles Department of Nagaland has two divisions that carry out its duties: Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and District Transport Offices (DTOs). The transportation commissioner is in charge of the department.

Functions of RTO Office - Nagaland

The Nagaland Motor Vehicles Department performs the following roles and responsibilities:

• The state's RTOs and DTOs are responsible for cars and giving registration certificates to car owners.

• The renewal of vehicle registration certificates is also a job of the RTO Office.

• Conduct the driving licence exam, and upon successful completion, issue driving licences.

• Providing conductor's licences to candidates who want to work as stage carriage vehicle conductors.

• Collection of road tax and various RTO-related fees and penalties.

• Take action on pollution control of motor vehicles.

• Take action to increase & promote Road Safety Awareness.

List of ARTO & RTO offices in Nagaland


RTO Code





D.T.O. Tuensang


D.T.O. Mon




D.T.O. Wokha


D.T.O. Zunheboto


D.T.O. Dimapur


D.T.O. Phek


RTO Kohima for Govt. non-transport vehicle


RTO Kohima for Govt. Transport vehicle


Types of Driving License Issued at RTO Office - Nagaland

In Nagaland, a variety of vehicles are readily available and are utilized by people for a variety of purposes. In Nagaland, there are several different categories of driving licences:

• Two-wheeler licence for Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50cc or less

• Driving licence for Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

• Driving licence for 2-wheeler without gear

• Driving licence issued for transport vehicles

• Light motor vehicle licence for the non-transport purpose

• Heavy goods motor vehicle licence

• Light motor vehicle for commercial purposes

• Heavy Passenger motor vehicle licence or open licence.

• For those who already have a heavy vehicle driving licence, a heavy trailer licence.

A valid vehicle insurance policy is not just another piece of paperwork required by the RTO office, but it has the ability to protect you from financial burdens after unfortunate incidents. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 stipulates that any vehicle registered with the Nagaland RTO must have updated car insurance.

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