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04 Aug 2023

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RTOs or Regional Transport Offices were established in all states of India under the Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to implement the rules and regulations and ensure road safety.

A total of 10 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) were established in Meghalaya, and unique RTO office codes were assigned to them. These RTO codes are used to register new vehicles which have been purchased in the state of Meghalaya. Also, every RTO office enforces all the laws enlisted under the Meghalaya Motor Vehicles Taxation Act and Meghalaya Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules

Functions of RTO office Meghalaya

Some of the crucial activities administered by the RTO Office in Meghalaya include the following-

1. Issuing and renewing a driving licence.

2. Registration of vehicles.

3. Collection of various taxes and fees that are levied on the vehicles in the state.

4. Conducting vehicle inspections.

5. Issuance of NOC (No-Objection Certificate) for transfers of ownership or migrating to another state.

6. Undertaking various initiatives to ensure road safety by issuing RCs, PUCs, and other necessary documents.

List of ARTO & RTO offices in the state of Meghalaya (with codes)

There are 10 RTO offices in the state of Meghalaya with their own unique RTO code. Here is the list for your reference.

RTO location

RTO code


ML 01, 02, 03

Jaintia Hills

ML 04


ML 05

West Khasi Hills

ML 06

East Garo Hills

ML 07

West Garo Hills

ML 08

South Garo Hills

ML 09


ML 10

Types of driving licences issued at RTO office (Meghalaya)

Driving a vehicle in Meghalaya requires documentation, called a Driving Licence (DL), that is legally necessary as per the Motor vehicle Act of 1988. In Meghalaya, there are four broad categories of driving licences that are issued by the RTO department, which we have enlisted below.

1. Permanent Driving Licence - Individuals, who have passed their driving tests from an RTO office, are eligible to apply for a permanent driving licence. Any time after 30 days of a learner’s licence being issued, you are allowed to apply for a permanent driving licence.

2. Commercial Driving Licence - The commercial driving licence is issued to individuals who are eligible to drive vehicles for commercial purposes in Meghalaya. The driver who wishes to have this licence is required to complete an operational heavy vehicle training course from any government-recognized training school.

3. Learner’s Licence - This licence acts as a key to getting an official driving licence, and it is issued to someone who is in the middle of training on how to drive a vehicle.

4. International Driving Permit - If you wish to drive on your own on foreign shores, you can do this with an international driving permit or licence issued by the RTO office. This permit can have a maximum validity of a year; after that, you may have to reapply for it.

The RTO department of Meghalaya is tasked to enforce all the rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Similarly, it is our duty to abide by all the traffic rules and regulations, including having a valid DL, PUC, RC, and motor insurance.

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