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05 Jan 2023

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Under the administration of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, Regional Transport Offices (RTO) have been established in Manipur. RTOs in Manipur are primarily tasked with maintaining a complete database, including PUC, RC, etc., of all types of registered vehicles in Manipur. Moreover, all the drivers also need to get a driving licence from the RTO office to drive any vehicle in Manipur.

Let’s discuss the functions of the RTO office in Manipur in detail.

Functions of RTO office Manipur

Every RTO office in Manipur enforces the rules & laws listed in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and plays an important role in ensuring road safety in the state. Some of the critical functioning of the RTO department are as follows -

1. Registration of vehicles - RTO is responsible for issuing permanent and temporary registration certificates for all vehicles in Manipur.

2. Issuing and renewing the driving licence - Various types of driving licences are granted by the RTO for an individual after conducting proper driving tests.

3. Collection of taxes - RTO offices in Manipur are in charge of collecting all types of taxes levied on motor vehicles

4. Inspection of vehicles - Time-to-time inspections of various types of vehicles are performed by the RTO Manipur. It is done to ensure that pollution is under control and that the vehicle is not harming the environment.

List of ARTO & RTO offices in Manipur (with codes)

The state of Manipur has a total of 8 operational RTO offices with their own unique RTO code. Here is the list for your reference.

RTO location RTO code

Imphal West MN 01

Chura Chandpur MN 02

Kangpokpi MN 03

Thoubal MN 04

Bishnupur MN 05

Imphal East MN 06

Ukhrul MN 07

Senapati MN 08

Types of driving licences issued at RTO office Manipur

Basically, there are four types of driving licences issued by the RTO department in Manipur.

1. Learner’s Licence - This initial licence is issued to individuals learning how to drive a vehicle. The learner’s licence is usually valid for only six months but can be renewed by the RTO offices.

2. Permanent Driving Licence - Individuals above 18 years of age who have passed all the required tests of driving are issued a permanent driving licence, including a Light vehicle, Heavy vehicle, and Trailer licence.

3. Commercial Driving Licence - This licence is issued to someone who drives vehicles for commercial purposes, either to facilitate the transportation of goods or people.

4. International Driving Permit - Individuals traveling abroad may want to drive on their own in foreign countries. Such individuals can get an International driving licence or permit to drive on foreign shores.

If you wish to acquire a driving licence, you can visit the official RTO website of your state, in this case, the website of RTO Manipur. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest RTO office in Manipur, depending on where you reside, to avail of their services.

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