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04 Aug 2023

RTO Office Kolkata Address, Phone, Timings & RTO Code

City of joy, Kolkata is the 7th most populated city in India. Over 1.9 million vehicles bustle on Kolkata roads, and the numbers are growing every day. To systemise the traffic flow on the roads, the regional transport office, or RTO Kolkata, was formed, which is regulated by the West Bengal Transport Department. The RTO office in Kolkata manages, supervises, and implements plans for the welfare of Kolkata traffic and transportation. It issues registration certificates, trade licenses, driving licenses, and so on. It also takes care of seamless traffic functioning, lowering pollution from traffic, and so forth.

Listed below are a few RTO offices in Kolkata:

RTO Code

Vehicle-Specific RTO Office

Location of RTO Office in Kolkata

Contact number



Beltala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700020

 91-33-24751621 / 24751622


Private Four-Wheeler

Beltala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700020


For Goods Carriage

Beltala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700020


For Commercial Vehicle

Beltala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700020


For Commercial Vehicle

Beltala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700020


Private Vehicle

Ruby, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700101



Private Vehicle

Ruby, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700101


There are 10 RTO offices in Kolkata, and the visiting hours for these offices are between 10:00 AM-5:00 PM.

Key responsibilities of RTO Kolkata:

RTO Kolkata performs many tasks, as listed below, to ensure systematic and secure transportation in Kolkata.

• Issuing beginner’s or permanent driver’s licenses

• Issuing and renewing registration certificates for vehicles

• Issuing trade permits

• Collecting taxes like road and green tax

• Implementing actions to control traffic pollutants

• Enhancing traffic management practices

• Arranging campaigns related to road safety

• Tracking registered vehicles across the city

• Vehicle’s fitness certificate

Vehicle registration types in Kolkata:

RTO Kolkata issues two types of vehicle registration:

1. Temporary registration certificate

When you purchase a vehicle, you are given a temporary registration number by RTO Kolkata, which can be used for 7 days and can be extended to 1 month.

2. Permanent registration certificate

Once you purchase a vehicle, you need to go through a proper documentation procedure that is then verified, and once successful, you are issued the permanent registration number.

Types of driving licenses issued by RTO Kolkata:

RTO offices in Kolkata issue four different types of driver’s licenses, as below,

• Light motor vehicle (LMV) licenses for jeeps, cars, electric/fuel rickshaws, etc.

• Commercial vehicle licenses are issued for heavy goods vehicles (HGV), heavy motor vehicles (HMV) medium goods vehicles (MGV), heavy passenger motor vehicles, etc.

• Individuals over the age of 18 are issued motorcycle driving licenses with no gear

• MC 50CC driver's licenses are issued to individuals over 16 years old for operating a vehicle that has an engine capacity of 50 CC. Before the license is issued, individuals must submit approval from their legal guardians or parents, along with other documents.

Documents required for registration at the RTO office in Kolkata:

Listed below are the required document

• Government ID proof

• Resident proof

• Forms 20 & 34

Motor insurance

• Forms 21 & 22, which are sale certificate and road worthiness documents.

Now that you understand the ins and outs of RTO guidelines for your vehicle, it's crucial to safeguard it with bike and car insurance from Kotak General Insurance.

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