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RTO Office Jaipur

Known all over the world as the pink city, Jaipur is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Jaipur is the capital of the country’s largest state Rajasthan, and it is a popular tourist attraction due to its rich culture and incredible architecture. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh founded the city in 1727 and planned it as per Indian Vastu Shastra. The bustling city certainly has a huge number of two-wheelers running on the road all through the day. In 2019, the number of registered vehicles in Rajasthan was a whopping 17.7 million.

Managing this huge number of vehicles on the road is a huge responsibility and is beautifully looked after by the RTO Office Jaipur. They have organised the system of public transport in the city efficiently by implementing strict and relevant rules.

Here is the list of RTO office Jaipur

RTO Code RTO Office Jaipur Contact details
RJ-14 RTO, Jaipur Jhalana Dungari, Jaipur 0141-2709477

What does RTO Jaipur do?

RTO Jaipur is responsible for bringing reforms in the traffic guidelines, issuing licenses, collecting taxes, and many more. They work to build a seamless and effective traffic system throughout the city. Below are a few major roles they play,

• Furnishing various types of driver’s licenses such as beginner’s licenses, permanent licenses, international licenses, duplicate licenses in case of theft or loss, license renewal, etc.

• They issue and renew trade certificates, temporary, and permanent registration certificates, etc.

• Collecting road taxes, fines, and penalties are also their responsibility

• Conducting vehicle inspections at the check-posts, issuing fitness certificates of your vehicle

• Implementing rules and regulations for decreasing the pollution rising from vehicles

• Managing road and vehicle safety measures, etc.

Vehicle registration charges by RTO Jaipur:

Charges RTO Chandigarh fee
Fees for registration certificate application INR 600 for every 4-wheeler
Vehicle number plate INR 230-INR 400
Temporary registration INR 1,200 - INR 1,500 (valid for 7-30 days)

Types of driving licenses issued by RTO office Jaipur

RTO Jaipur issues the following types of driving licenses

• LMV license

Light motor vehicles such as cars, jeeps, and two-wheelers are issued LMV licenses which a light motor vehicle license

• Heavy motor vehicles for commercial use

Heavy passenger vehicles, or heavy goods vehicles require a special permit specifically to drive heavy motor vehicles


Gear motorcycles like bikes and scooters are permitted to ride with MCWG licenses which motorcycles with gear


Motorcycles without gear are permitted to drive with an MCWOG license.

All the above types of licenses are issued by RTO office Jaipur based on the type of vehicles you are riding or driving. There are many other types of licenses too that are issued by RTO Jaipur.

Types of registration certificates

RTO Jaipur issues two types of vehicle registration certificates. One is temporary registration issued to new vehicle owners for a temporary period valid for 7-30 days only. Second is permanent registration which is a compulsory requirement to drive or ride on Indian roads issued after document verification.

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