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10 Jan 2024

Read about RTO Office in Indore

Introduction to RTO office Indore

RTO, or the Regional Transport Office, is an Authority in the Indian Government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and vehicles for various states of India. It is accountable for all transport-related operations in India.

Every state and union territory of India has RTO offices, and so does Indore. It ensures all the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 are enforced in their regions. The department also engages in various other activities like Pollution checks and enforcement of road transportation rules, etc.

Functions of RTO office Indore

As per the rules & regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, the RTO office in Indore has some of the following key functions -

1. Vehicle registration - RTO offices are the authority responsible for carrying out the registration of motor vehicles in the city. It is also responsible for issuing the No Objection Certificate or NOC for the release of the jurisdiction of a certain vehicle. RTO offices also provide you with transport permits.

2. Provision of driving licences - RTO conducts driving tests and issues various kinds of driving licences to the riders and drivers. RTO issues the Learner’s Driving Licence, Permanent DL, Commercial DL, or International Driving Permit. RTO is also responsible for the renewal of driving licences and issuance of duplicate licences.

3. Vehicle inspection - RTO office also conducts time-to-time inspections of the vehicles running on the road in order to keep their condition in check. It is also done to check if they have a valid and updated No Pollution Certificate (NPC) or Pollution Under Control (PUC).

4. Collection of taxes & charges - All vehicles on the road have to pay the road tax levied on them. The road tax may vary according to the type and size of that vehicle. The RTO of a particular area is responsible for collecting taxes from that particular area.

List all the ARTO & RTO offices in the city (with RTO code)

In every major city of India, there are several RTO & ARTO offices that maintain the database of various vehicles and drivers in the city. The city of Indore has only 1 RTO office with the RTO code, i.e., “MP-09.”

Types of driving licences issued at RTO office (Indore)

Mainly four types of driving licences are issued by the RTO office in Indore. These are -

1. Learner’s Licence

2. Permanent Driving Licence

3. Commercial Driving Licence

4. International Driving Permit

Each state has a specific website of the RTO, where you can submit a form for your driving licence online. You can also do it on the mParivahan (mobile app of the RTO office). Or you can simply visit your nearest RTO office in Indore.

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