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Similar to every other state of India, Goa also has its own Regional Transport Office (RTO). The RTO office in Goa is an administering body of the Indian government responsible for maintaining the traffic and transportation operations that run in the state. It runs under the jurisdiction of the Goa Transport Department.

The key responsibility of the RTO office in Goa focuses on the appropriate execution of the laws pertaining to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Under this responsibility, there are various functions that are performed by this organization.

Functions of RTO office in Goa

Some of the major services offered by the RTO office in Goa are common with all other states. These include the following:

1. Pollution check for vehicles

2. Collection of road taxes

3. Enforcing road transport rules

4. Registration of vehicles being operated in Goa

5. Issuance of vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)

6. Approval & cancellation of any hire/purchase agreement

7. NOC (within & outside Goa) for re-registration of vehicles in other states

8. Issuance of learner’s Driving Licence (DL)

9. Issuance of Permanent DL

10.Renewal of RC or driving licence

11.Issuance of duplicate RC or DL

12.Certification for transfer of ownership

These are all the essential functions. Now let us see the list of all the RTO and ARTO offices in Goa.

List of RTO offices in Goa

We have listed here the RTO offices of Goa along with their location and jurisdiction area. You can refer to this list in case you are trying to get your vehicle registered.

RTO Code Location Jurisdiction Area
GA-01 Panaji North Goa district (Not in use)
GA-02 Margao South Goa district (Not in use)
GA-03 Mapusaa Bardez taluka
GA-04 Bicholim Bicholim taluka, Sattari taluka
GA-05 Ponda Ponda taluka
GA-06 Vasco da Gama Mormugao taluka
GA-07 Panaji Tiswadi taluka
GA-08 Margao Salcette taluka
GA-09 Quepem Quepem taluka, Sanguem taluka
GA-10 Canacona Canacona taluka
GA-11 Pernem Pernem taluka
GA-12 Dharbandora Dharbandora taluka

Types of Driving Licences Issued at RTO Office Goa

There are different types of driving licences issued by the state’s RTO office. The RTO offices in Goa offer issuance of the following types of driver’s licences:

• Motor vehicles without gear

• Motor vehicles with gears

• Light Motor Vehicles (LMV)

• Medium Good Vehicles

• Medium Passenger Vehicles

• Heavy Goods Vehicles

• Heavy Passenger Vehicles

• Road Rollers, Trailers

• Motor vehicles of specified description other than the above-mentioned.

In brief, maintaining an effective public transportation system, the management & implementing road and transportation laws, handling vehicle registration, collecting road taxes, and granting driving licences, are all responsibilities of the RTO offices at various locations in Goa.

If you are a citizen of Goa and of 18 years and above, ensure to get a driver’s licence before you start operating any vehicles. In case you are getting a new vehicle, ensure to get it registered and have valid motor insurance, as per the legal requirements administered by the RTO office in goa.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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