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RTO Office Delhi

With over 12 million vehicles in Delhi, as recorded in the year 2020, the Transport Department surely has its hands full all throughout the year. The Transport Department of Delhi is authorised to manage all services related to vehicles, including the issuing of driving licences, the registration of new vehicles, the collection of road taxes, and the management of pollution due to vehicles. The transport department is responsible for managing, monitoring, and executing the tasks and policies related to the transportation aspects of Delhi.

According to the guidelines in Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 19882, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) was established in Delhi under the jurisdiction of the Transport Department. The RTO office is managed by the Transport Commissioner.

List of RTO offices in Delhi

RTO Office RTO Code Address Phone Number
North Delhi - Mall Road DL-01 Deputy Director’s Zonal Office @ Mall, Delhi - 110009 011 23819191, 011 23819192
New Delhi - Tilak Marg DL-02 Deputy Director’s Zonal Office 3, Tilak Marg in New Delhi - 110001 011 23378877, 011 23378886
South Delhi - Sheikh Sarai DL-03 DDA Market, Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi, Delhi - 110017 011 29259800 , 011 29253535
West Delhi - Janakpuri DL-04 Janakpuri, West Delhi, Delhi - 110058 011 25551618, 011 25531002
East Delhi - Loni Road DL-05 Loni Road, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi - 110032 011 22813475
Central Delhi - Sarai Kale Khan DL-06 Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi - 110013 011 24351100
East Delhi - Mayur Vihar DL-07 Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi - 110091 011 22753800
North West Delhi - Wazir Pur DL-08 Wazirpur, North West Delhi, Delhi - 110052 011 27217642
South West Delhi - Janakpuri / Palam DL-09 Palam, Janakpuri, Delhi - 110058 011 25624064, 011 25163615
West Delhi - Raja Garden DL-10 Raja Garden, Delhi - 110027 011 25163616
North West Delhi - Rohini DL-11 Rohini, North West Delhi, Delhi - 110085 011 27563535
South West Delhi - Vasant Vihar DL-12 Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi, Delhi - 110057 011 26146498
East Delhi - Surajmal Vihar / Shahdara DL-13 Surajmal Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi - 110092 011 22383900

Office Timings: 8:30 AM-1:00 PM (Working days)

Functions of Delhi RTO

Let’s take a look at the major functions that Delhi RTO Office is required to perform in order to ensure road discipline is maintained throughout the state.

• To issue or renew a learning licence, driving licence, or international driving licence

• To register various vehicle classes in accordance with the rules

• To provide vehicle dealers with a trade certificate

• To issue NOC

• To provide the countersignature for vehicles registered in other states

• To perform a variety of administrative duties as per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988

• To manage inter-state bus terminals

• To assist online road tax payment and registration formalities

• To enforce safety measures and control vehicle pollution

• To integrate road transport with Metros, Railways and Airports.

Types of vehicle registration in New Delhi

There are two types of vehicle registration done in RTO Delhi. They are-

• Temporary Registration:

When a car is purchased, the owner receives a temporary vehicle registration number. This number is valid for the first seven days following the purchase and may be used for an additional month before it must have a permanent registration number.

• Permanent Registration:

The Permanent Vehicle Registration number is granted to the vehicle's owner after the necessary documents are submitted and the registration process is successfully completed. All cars must have a permanent registration number in order to drive on Indian roadways lawfully.

Types of driving licences issued by RTO Delhi

Here is a list of types of driving licences that are issued by RTO Delhi.

• Learners Licence

This is a temporary licence that is only valid for 6 months. It is given to people who want to learn how to drive a motor vehicle

• MC 50CC

It is issued to applicants over the age of 16. In addition to the necessary documents, applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 must also present a letter of approval from their parents or guardians


It is issued to applicants above the age of 18 for vehicles with any engine capacity but no gear, like mopeds and scooters


A licence issued for light-duty vehicles like cars, vans, jeeps, and autorickshaws

• Licence for commercial use

For medium goods vehicles, heavy motor vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, and heavy passenger motor vehicles/heavy transport vehicles, respectively, MGV, HMV, HGMV, HPMV/HTV licences are issued.

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