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12 May 2022

Simplify your motor insurance experience in Chandigarh with our guide. Get step-by-step instructions for the vehicle registration process and other essential services.

India’s first planned city, Chandigarh, is the capital of 2 states, Haryana and Punjab. Located in the foothills of the Shivaliks, Chandigarh, the ‘city beautiful’ is spread over 114 square meters. Did you know the city was planned by French architect Le Corbusier very similar to the human body structure?

Perfectly laid roads, lined with trees, walkways, disciplined people and strict traffic rules make Chandigarh a truly modern city. The Transport Department, which comes under the Chandigarh administration, takes care of various duties and responsibilities. Read on to know more about RTO office Chandigarh.

Functions of RTO Chandigarh

RTO office Chandigarh was established as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. They play a major role in controlling pollution rising through vehicles in the city. They implement rules and regulations for the proper functioning of traffics on the road. Here are a few key responsibilities of RTO Chandigarh

, • Issuing driving licenses- beginner’s permanent, duplicate, and renewals

• Issuing vehicle registration certificate- temporary and permanent

• Collecting fines and penalising those violating the traffic guidelines

• Issuing vehicle fitness certificate

• Inspecting vehicles and their conditions at various check posts in the city

• Collecting road taxes from the vehicle owners riding or driving on the roads of Chandigarh

• Conducting driving tests

• Introducing policies and reforms for the betterment of Chandigarh transportation

RTO Chandigarh office address

RTO Code

RTO office Chandigarh Address

Contact Number


The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Sector 17, Chandigarh, 160017

0172 - 2700341

Different types of RTO Forms used in RTO office Chandigarh

• Form No. 54 helps to report accident details caused due to vehicles

• Form No. 51 is used for an insurance certificate

• Form No. 50 is filled for loading bills

• Form No. 38 ‘A’ is filled to report an inspection

• Form No. 29 is used while transferring the ownership of the vehicle

• Form No. 24 is filled out to register your motor vehicle

• Form No. 23 is filled out to obtain a registration certificate

• Form No. 20 is the application form for the registration of your vehicle

Various types of driving licenses issued by RTO office Chandigarh

• Heavy commercial vehicle license

Drivers driving heavy passenger vehicles or heavy goods vehicles for commercial purposes are issued with heavy commercial vehicle licence.

• Light motor vehicle (LMV) license

Drivers driving cars, jeeps, two-wheeler, etc., are issued LMV licenses. Drivers driving cabs and taxis also use the same licence.

• Motorbike with lower engine capacity up to 50CC

In India, individuals above the age of 18 years are allowed to drive and are issued with a driving license; however, if you are 16 years old, you also can ride a two-wheeler whose engine capacity does not exceed 50CC.

• A motorbike without gear (MCWOG)

Moped bikes, scooters, and other similar types of vehicles do not have gear. Hence, riders of such bikes are issued with MCWG licences.

• Motorbikes with no gear

Those riders who ride two-wheelers without gear are issued with motorcycles without gear licenses.

Types of registration certificates issued by RTO Chandigarh:

RTO Chandigarh issues two types of registration certificates: temporary, and permanent. Temporary RC is usually given to new vehicle owners till they get their permanent RC. A temporary RC is valid for 30 days only. Whilst permanent RC is issued once you submit the relevant documents, it is verified.

Now that you're well-versed in RTO regulations for your vehicle, it's time to prioritize its protection with bike and car insurance from Kotak General Insurance.

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