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The Regional Transport Office (RTO), Andhra Pradesh, is an organization established by the Indian government to administer certain functions related to road safety, vehicle registration, and driving licence. Working under the supervision of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India, RTO is also known as the District Transport Office (DTO) or Regional Transport Authority (RTA).

The database of drivers and vehicles running in the state of Andhra Pradesh is maintained by the RTO office. This database is very important for identifying untaxed vehicles and owners of the vehicles. Such information is paramount in various cases, including when a vehicle enters an Indian state different from the one it is registered from or when a vehicle exceeds a road speed limit.

Functions of RTO office in Andhra Pradesh

Similar to RTOs all over the country, RTO Andhra Pradesh performs one of the major functions of issuing driver’s licences, without which a person is legally not allowed to drive a vehicle on Indian roads.

Other functions of the RTO Andhra Pradesh include:

• Enforcing rules for road safety

• Organizing the collection of vehicle excise duty

• Inspecting a vehicle’s insurance

• Evaluating a vehicle for pollution test

• Enforcing various acts laid down by the Indian government for different vehicles and states.

• Ensuring the coordination of road transport development through permit management.

List of RTO offices in Andhra Pradesh

As of February 2019, the state government of Andhra Pradesh has declared the issuing of uniform registration numbers for all vehicles across the state. Every new vehicle purchased and registered in and after February 2019 is registered by default with the code AP-39.

Here is a list of RTO offices in Andhra Pradesh.

Code Jurisdiction Area
AP-01 Adilabad
AP-02 Ananthapur
AP-03 Chittoor
AP-04 Kadapa
AP-05, AP-06 East Godavari
AP-07, AP-08 Guntur
AP-09, AP-10, AP-11, AP-12, AP-13, AP-14 Hyderabad
AP-15 Karimnagar
AP-16, AP-17, AP-18, AP-19 Krishna district
AP-20 Khammam
AP-21 Kurnool
AP-22 Mahaboobnagar
AP-23 Medak
AP-24 Nalgonda
AP-25 Nizamabad
AP-26 Nellore
AP-27 Prakasam
AP-28, AP-29 Rangareddy
AP-30 Srikakulam
AP-31, AP-32, AP-33, AP-34 Visakhapatman
AP-35 Vizianagaram
AP-36 Warangal
AP-37, AP-38 West Godavari

Types of driving licences issued at RTO office Andhra Pradesh

There are three types of driving licences issued by the RTO offices in Andhra Pradesh. These include

1. Driving Licence for Motorcycles without Gear

2. Driving Licence for Light Motor Vehicles

3. Driving Licence for Transport Vehicles

4. Driving Licence for Trolleys & Trailers, to those having Heavy Motor Vehicle licence.

Owning a driver’s licence is legally essential if you are an Indian citizen above 18. If you are residing in Andhra Pradesh and eligible for a DL, refer to the above list and apply at the nearest RTO office. Moreover, it is also mandatory to have motor insurance as a legal requirement in India.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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