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04 Aug 2023

RTO Office Faridabad Address, Phone, Timings & RTO Code

One of Haryana’s major industrial hubs, Faridabad was founded by Sheik Farid in the year 1607. Today Faridabad is famous for industrial products such as shoes, garments, refrigerators, motorcycles and tractors. Just about 25 kilometers from the national capital, Faridabad, the bustling city is bounded by Gurgaon on the west and Uttar Pradesh on the east. National Highway number 2, the Delhi-Agra road, passes through Faridabad as well.

Well-connected with high-speed trains and lofty traffic, this city needs constant transport-related monitoring. Under the Haryana Transport Department, the Faridabad RTO was established under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 under Section 13.

List of RTO office in Faridabad

RTO Office


Helpline Number

Faridabad HR-38
This RTO provides services for commercial vehicles.

DC Office Building, Sector 12, Faridabad, Haryana 121007


Faridabad HR-51
This RTO provides services for non-transport vehicles only.

RLA-cum-SDM Faridabad, 1st Floor, A Block, Mini Sect. Sector-12, Faridabad


Office timings - 9:00 am to 1:30 pm (Monday - Friday)

Functions of Faridabad RTO

RTO Office of Faridabad comes under the transport department of the Haryana government. The RTO office of Faridabad offers a wide variety of services and goods to meet the various needs of its clients. The primary functions that RTO in Faridabad offers are as follows-

1. Creating policies for stage carriers

2. Approving the check of pollutants in check centers

3. Motor vehicle registration

4. Ensuring the application of the laws regarding offences committed by motor vehicles

5. Certificate of fitness for commercial cars

6. Driving and conducting license

7. Registration certificate transfer

8. Putting traffic safety measures into action

9. Collection of road taxes and other numerous fines

10. Registration certificate renewal

11. Renewal of registration card

Types of vehicle registration in Faridabad

1. Non-Transport vehicle registration

This includes -

1. Issuing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to allow vehicle registration in another State

2. Registration of a car entering Haryana from another State

3. Duplicate registration certificate

4. Registration of new cars

5. Vehicle ownership transfer

2. Transport vehicle

This includes

1. Issuing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to allow vehicle registration in another State

2. Duplicate registration certificate

3. The registration of a new car

4. Removal or addition of hypothecation

5. Vehicle ownership transfer

6. Registration of vehicles from other states

Types of driving license issued by RTO Faridabad

1. Motorcycle without gear - This driving license is for two-wheelers that are without gears such as scooters and mopeds.

2. LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) - This type of driving license includes hatchbacks and sedans etc.

3. Motorcycle with gear - This type of driving license includes all two-wheeler vehicles with gears.

4. Transport Vehicle - This type of driving license includes automobiles such as buses, vans, and trucks etc.

5. Learner's driving license - It is particularly given to people who want to learn driving, and is only valid for 6 months.

Documents required for obtaining a driving license

The following documents are required to obtain a driving license -

1. Proof of Age (Ex- Passport, Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID etc.)

2. Proof of Residence (Birth Certificate, PAN card, School leaving certificate etc.)

3. 3 passport-size photos

4. Application fee of INR 200

5. FORM 4, the application form for applying for a driving license

6. Candidates need a learning license if they are applying for a commercial license.

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