Riding the bonus wave: A rider's guide to No-Claim Bonus (NCB) in bike insurance


16 Jan 2024

Riding Safe, Saving More!

Being a bike owner comes with a set of responsibilities. You're not only required to take good care of your prized possession but also to insure it well. Bike insurance from Kotak General Insurance provides a great solution for your two-wheeler protection needs. Not only does it protect against unforeseen mishaps, but it also rewards cautious and disciplined riders with a no-claim bonus.

The No-Claim Bonus - Reward for safe riding

No-claim bonus (NCB) in bike insurance is one of the insurance rewards you can receive if you have not claimed any insurance throughout the policy period. If you ride your bike safely and avoid damages, your insurance provider, like Kotak General Insurance’s bike insurance, offers this as an award in the form of a premium discount. This reward-based approach promotes a culture of responsible and safe riding among bike owners.

A premium discount is a straight-away cut on your next premium. This discount accumulates year after year, enhancing the no-claim bonus. It's no wonder bike riders who enjoy the thrill of the road also like the additional excitement of riding the NCB wave!

How to get the No-Claim Bonus

You become eligible for the no-claim bonus by maintaining a clean insurance record without claims for one full year. Subsequently, when you renew your bike insurance, the no-claim bonus applies. It is essential to note that the NCB in bike insurance is specific to the policyholder, not the vehicle. This means if you decide to buy a new bike, you can transfer your accumulated NCB from your old bike insurance policy to the new one.

Premium discounts - The cherished fruit of safe riding

Once you understand the value of a no-claim bonus, every safe ride and every precaution taken translates to monetary value - premium discounts. Kotak General Insurance’s bike insurance appreciates its safe riders with generous premium discounts on their two-wheeler insurance online. As a bonus, with Kotak General Insurance, you can opt for this renewal conveniently from anywhere, anytime.

More perks with online renewal

Online renewals make it effortless for you to continue enjoying the perks of your motor insurance without any break. When you choose two-wheeler insurance online, you get the double advantage of comfort from your home and the full benefit of NCB and other rewards.

How to safeguard the No-Claim Bonus

Maintaining your no-claim bonus needs as much care as riding your bike safely. Any minor repair claims can cause you to lose the accumulated no-claim bonus. It's advisable to bear the minor repair costs to enjoy substantial premium discounts with your next renewal. Another excellent option is to get an NCB protection add-on cover which maintains your accumulated NCB even if you claimed during the year.


Taking good care of your bike and riding responsibly fetches you rewards beyond the peace of mind. It gets you premium discounts, helps you enjoy a reduced premium with your renewal and safeguards your wallet. Understanding your insurance rewards and making the best use of them makes motor insurance not just an obligatory but a rewarding necessity. So ride safe, save more with bike insurance from Kotak General Insurance and keep riding the NCB wave!

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