Reasons to buy bike insurance for teens riding an electric scooter


04 May 2023

Protect your teen's safety & finances with Kotak General Insurance's electric scooty insurance. Learn why it's necessary for India in our blog & get Insurance now!

As we know, teenagers nowadays are going to coaching and school on their own and require a commuting vehicle for them. Many parents buy electric scooters for their teen children so that they can commute with ease. However, we know that carelessness is the key reason for accidents on the road, be it you or other drivers. Hence, the instances where teens might end up in road accidents are pretty common in India.

The parents would be responsible if any mishap occurred on the road. Moreover, it can be a fatal decision with the financial cost of damage done to the electric scooter. Apart from being vigilant, having electric scooty insurance for teens is necessary to buy.

This article discusses why you should buy your teen an electric scooter or bike insurance in detail.

What are the reasons to buy electric scooty insurance for teens?

The main reasons why you should buy scooty insurance for teens are -

• Government intervention

Government involvement in the system has always been there. As a result, the government decided to set a minimum age at which teenagers may ride scooters. The sole exception to this rule is that juveniles are not allowed to ride any bike at any pace. Only some electric vehicles that too with restricted speed restrictions are allowed for them to ride. Severe punishment will be applicable if somebody is discovered driving without insurance and unluckily has been in an accident. If the accident occurs while you are riding without scooty insurance, you will be responsible for covering any costs out of your own money.

When you get electric scooty insurance via online medium, it is simple to review the coverage offered and reach a choice quickly. You have a lot more freedom and convenience with the opportunity to compare several plans online, which many bike insurance companies provide.

• Legal driving age in India

If someone is interested in riding electric bikes throughout the nation, they should be aware that they must be sixteen or above in age. Teenagers in the age range of 16-18 will be issued an electric scooter permit, limiting their ability to travel at speeds over 70 Kmph. The Transport Ministry gave its approval to these modifications. Therefore, these regulations were developed by the RTO to decrease the complaints that were received regarding unpredictable and high-speed driving.

License for electric bike

As was already indicated, teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 are eligible for permission to operate an electric scooter. Teenagers were previously prohibited from applying for a license because they were exempt. You would have to obtain the proper license plates to begin using the electric scooters. The majority of society has praised the decision.

Teenagers may use this to familiarize themselves with the laws and rules of road traffic. The action would help them gain self-assurance, and better prepare them for an actual license when they are adults. Therefore, it's important to remember that electric bikes are beneficial for teenagers as long as they have electric scooty insurance, ensuring that they have a safety net in the event of an accident.

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