Protect your digital world: A guide on Safer Internet Day


06 Feb 2024

Safer Internet Day: Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Kids Online

Where the internet plays an integral role in our daily lives in today's interconnected world, ensuring online safety has become crucial. It's important to reflect on our digital habits and adopt proactive measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential online threats as we celebrate Safer Internet Day. Kotak General Insurance will provide valuable insights into safety tips to avoid online scams and explore parental and safety settings to protect your children's online experiences.

Safety tips to avoid online scams

Below are some of the safety tips to avoid online scams:

Stay informed

Awareness is the first line of defense against online scams. Stay informed on the latest scams circulating the internet. Regularly check reputable sources for details and information on new scams and threats.

Verify sources

Verify the legitimacy of the source before clicking on links or downloading attachments. Avoid providing personal information unless you are certain of the recipient's authenticity and be cautious of unsolicited emails, messages or pop-ups.

Use strong, unique passwords

Avoid using easily guessable details like birthdays or names. Strengthen your digital fortress by using complex passwords for your accounts. Consider unique passwords for each of your accounts. Use a reliable password manager to generate and store strong.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Enhance your account security by 2FA wherever possible. This adds an extra layer of protection, requiring a second form of verification beyond your password, making it significantly harder for unauthorised users to access your accounts.

Regularly update software

Keep your devices and software up to date. Regular updates ensure that your systems are equipped to defend against the latest cyber threats.

Beware of social engineering

Beware of social engineering tactics where scammers manipulate individuals into divulging sensitive details and information. Verify the identity of the person or organization seeking information before sharing any personal details.

Empowering parents with online safety settings

Below are some of the online safety settings to protect your child's online experiences:

Open communication

It is suggested to have open communication with your children about responsible internet use. Encourage them to share their online experiences and concerns, creating an environment where they feel comfortable discussing any challenges they may face.

Age-appropriate content filters

Utilise content filtering tools to restrict access to age-inappropriate content. Most devices and internet browsers offer built-in parental controls that allow you to customise content filters based on your child's age.

Time management

Manage limits on screen time to ensure a healthy balance between the online and offline activities of your child. Establishing clear boundaries helps in preventing excessive internet usage.

Privacy settings

Teach your children the importance of controlling who can view their profiles and interact with them online. Regularly review and adjust privacy settings on social media platforms and other online accounts.

Educate on cyber bullying

Discuss the concept and significance of cyberbullying with your children and emphasize the importance of treating others with respect online. Encourage them to report any instances of cyberbullying and reassure them that they can seek help if needed.

Final thoughts

Safer Internet Day serves as an awareness that our digital well-being is a shared responsibility as we navigate the vast expanse of the internet. We can create a safer online space for ourselves and our children by adopting these safety tips and implementing parental controls.

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