On the road repairs: A step-by-step guide to fixing a flat tyre


23 Nov 2023

Empower Yourself: DIY Flat Tyre Repair and Insurance Tips.

Knowing the skill behind a flat tyre repair is almost like a life skill! Everyone needs to know it because you never know when you may require this skill. Thankfully, repairing a flat tyre is much easier than it looks. Take a look at this article to know more about repairing tyres manually, and also about car insurance coverage for tyre damage.

How to repair a flat tyre - a step-by-step guide:

If you are driving down and suddenly encounter a flat tyre, you may have to get the flat tyre repair job done yourself. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Move your car to the side of the road

  2. Use the jack to level it up

  3. Rotate the tyre to locate the puncture

  4. If you notice a nail or any other sharp object lodged in the tyre, pull it out

  5. Clean the surface around the puncture as that will help hold the sealant better

  6. Use either a sealant or a patch to cover up the puncture

  7. Use a pump to inflate the tyre

Once you complete these simple steps, the tyre will be fixed and you can carry on with your journey. These steps can mainly be followed if you have a tubeless tyre.

Alternatively, you could simply call for the roadside assistance facility in Kotak car insurance Plan for on-site help!

Car insurance coverage for tyre damage

Does insurance pay for slashed tyres? This is a common query that most insurance providers receive and the good news is that this coverage is available. However, this is not available under a regular motor insurance policy. To get this cover, you need to opt for a rider, the Tyre Protection Add-on Cover.

Importance of car insurance coverage for tyre damage

A traditional car insurance plan offers many handy benefits. However, you do not get protection for your tyres. It is therefore wise to opt for the tyre cover rider. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Repairing the flat tyre yourself may not always be possible. This may be because of a medical or mobility issue that you may have

  2. The weather conditions may not make it feasible to change the tyres yourself

  3. If you have a tyre with tubes, it will not be easy to fix a puncture yourself

  4. You may not have all the tools needed with you to repair the vehicle

Keeping these points in mind, opt for a four-wheeler insurance plan with the tyre cover rider.

Online car policy for roadside assistance

There are many car insurance plans available these days. Opt for a good cover, such as an online car policy for roadside assistance and drive your car with a lot of mental peace. If you face any issue such as a flat tyre, help you reach you at the earliest and you can drive back safely thereafter.


There are some excellent four-wheeler insurance plans available from the leading insurer like Kotak car insurance. Invest in a good policy and ensure you add the tyre protection rider to it for optimal coverage.

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