Off-road adventures: Specialised bike insurance for extreme riding


24 Jan 2024

Conquer the unknown: Ensuring off-road thrills with bike insurance

Bikers are increasingly on the rise and so is the trend for bike insurance. Biking is now fast becoming a well-loved sport and adventure. Some bikers enjoy cruising for significant distances, while some enjoy moving in round circuits at a high speed. However, the recent trend of off-road biking is gaining rapid popularity. Overcoming new challenges and making new roads for bike riding pumps up the adrenaline rush. Such challenging riding surely requires bike insurance. Kotak General Insurance deserves a special mention in this context.

Off-road riding meaning

Off-road biking implies bike riding on unpopular terrains as compared to simple riding. Although you may take your normal bike for off-roading, it is very risky and is not recommended. Some of the popular activities of off-roading include hill climbing, dirt bike racing, etc.

For undertaking these activities, you must critically maintain bike insurance to meet the legal standards and ensure your safety.

What does bike insurance cover?

Since off-roading is an adventure activity, the risk element involvement is comparatively much higher. The terrains are unfamiliar and often rugged, making it more difficult. It may even pose a serious threat to third parties.

You must brace yourself for accidental circumstances and the risks involved and keep yourself prepared by investing in befitting bike insurance. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every bike rider must maintain at least a third-party liability cover. It offers protection to third parties in the case of any accidental circumstance involving your bike.

However, third-party insurance is enough only to meet the legal requirements. But it is of no use for personal cover which is highly essential especially while undergoing such risky adventures. Under such circumstances, it is best to opt for comprehensive coverage that allows coverage for both the policyholder and the third party. Nowadays you can easily purchase bike insurance online.

Riders to consider for bike off-roading

To enjoy optimum coverage protection, you might consider adding certain crucial riders to enhance the coverage scope. Several varieties of riders are on offer in the market. However, some of the most suitable ones include:

Engine protection cover:

Frequent off-roading will stress the engine. Keeping this in mind, you might consider adding the engine protection cover. Standard bike insurance does not offer this benefit. But this rider will save you from the worries and expensive repair costs of the engine.

Zero depreciation cover:

In the case of claim settlement, under normal circumstances, the insurance company will deduct the depreciation costs. However, with this add-on, you need not have to worry about such deductions.

Roadside assistance cover:

This is highly crucial especially when you are off-roading on certain unfamiliar terrains. If your bike breaks down accidentally, this rider can save your day by offering prompt breakdown service. It also includes tyre replacement, minor repairs, emergency fuel refilling, etc.

Damage or loss of personal belongings:

This is crucial to protect your expensive belongings and gear during off-roading in difficult lands. If you possess this, your insurer will bear the losses.


This comprehensive article highlights the most crucial aspects of off-roading and bike insurance.

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