No shade: Avoid RTO fines for tinted car windows


02 Jun 2023

Stay legal & avoid fines by knowing the permissible limits of using tinted car windows according to the RTO regulations.

Tinted glass in cars is a popular option for car owners as it helps to reduce the amount of heat & glare entering the car. With summer approaching, are you thinking of getting tinted glass on your car window to avoid the harsh rays of the sun? Think again! Tinted glass in car windows can get you fined by the authorities and even get your license canceled.

Driving a car is a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation, but it comes with certain responsibilities that must be adhered to. One such responsibility is ensuring that your car complies with the rules & regulations set by the Road Transport Office (RTO). One of the most commonly overlooked regulations is the use of tinted glass in cars.

What does the law say about tinted glasses in four-wheelers?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the use of tinted glass in car windows is only permitted up to a certain level of visible light transmission (VLT). The VLT refers to the amount of visible light that is allowed to pass through the glass and is measured as a percentage. The permissible limit of VLT for car windows in India is 70% for the front windshield and front side windows and 50% for the rear windshield and rear side windows.

Why the legal limitation on using tinted glass in cars?

Tinted Glass in car windows is against the law because:

  1. Excessively dark tinted glass in car windows can obstruct the driver's view, reducing visibility and increasing the risk of accidents.

  2. It can make it difficult for law enforcement officers to identify the occupants of a vehicle, which can make it easier for criminals to operate without detection.

RTO fine in India for using tinted glass in cars

If someone is caught violating the law of tinted glass, they are liable to be fined. The fines may vary from state to state. In general, for the first offense, the fine is INR 100/-. The RTO fine increases with repeated offenses and repeated violations may lead to the cancellation of the driver's license.

In some cases, non-compliance may also lead to the car being impounded, and the owner may be required to remove the tinted glass and get the car re-inspected before being allowed to drive it on the road.

Exceptions to the law: It's important to note that there are exceptions to the rule regarding the use of tinted glass in cars. For instance, if a person has a medical condition that requires them to avoid direct sunlight, they may be permitted to use tinted glass with a lower VLT percentage. However, such exceptions must be supported by a medical certificate and approved by the RTO.

In conclusion, using tinted glass in cars in India is not illegal, but it must comply with the VLT limits set by the RTO. Violation of these rules can result in an RTO fine and even legal action. So, if you are planning to get your car windows tinted, make sure you get it done by a reputed service provider who follows the RTO regulations.

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