No PUC in Your Vehicle A Challan of Rs 10000 Might Be on Your Way


04 Aug 2023

The government has announced a non-valid PUC will be fined Rs.10000. Know how to get a PUC certificate. Visit Kotak General to Buying Motor Vehicle Insurance

Everyone must follow the road safety rules issued by governments for their own good. Keeping in mind the increasing pollution levels in Delhi, the government has announced that any vehicle without a valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate will not be allowed to run on the roads of Delhi. Any vehicle caught without PUC certification will be deemed against traffic rules and finedRs.10,000 as a challan.

What is PUC?

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) certification indicates that gas emissions from a vehicle are under the acceptable range specified by the government. With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads of Delhi, air pollution is on the rise. Vehicles emit a lot of smoke that consists of several gasses, including Carbon Dioxide. With PUC certification, authorized pollution testing centers validate if the levels of emissions from a vehicle are under the pre-set protocols of traffic rules. Let us see some more pointers regarding PUC.

Motor Vehicle Act

The Government of India made the PUC (Under Pollution Control) certificate mandatory under Central Motor Vehicles Rules in 1989. This act makes the certificate mandatory for all vehicles. Those who do not carry the certification will be finedRs.10,000 or can even be imprisoned for six months.

Delhi Government in Action

Delhi government may soon begin mailing notifications to car owners without a valid PUC certificate. These notifications will serve as a warning to soon get a valid PUC certification. The government has clearly stated that no vehicles would be allowed on Delhi roads without the certification. In addition to a fine or imprisonment, vehicle owners may even end up getting their driver's license suspended for three months for the said offense.

How to get a PUC certificate?

The process to obtain a PUC certificate is straightforward. You can apply for PUC online or offline from government-affiliated PUC centers and authorized bodies like RTOs. To apply for the certificate online, go to and enter the 5-digit vehicle chassis and vehicle registration numbers under the transport section. You can take a printout after completing the application process & selecting PUC details.

Offline certification can be obtained by taking the vehicle to an Emission Test Center. After the vehicle is tested (which will be offline, in both offline and online mediums of application), you may pay the fee and acquire the PUC certificate to ensure your vehicle follows all the traffic rules set by the government.

Government is Gearing Up Against Delhi's Pollution

More preparations are underway to curb the city's high pollution levels. More road safety rules can therefore be expected in the future.

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