Must-have add-on covers for car insurance.


26 Feb 2018

Discover the fundamentals of car insurance - 3rd party liability, theft, loss & roadside assistance. Know about add-on covers one can buy with car insurance.

A basic comprehensive car insurance covers damage to car, 3rd party liability and theft & loss of vehicle. However by paying a little extra, one can get add-on covers which provide added benefits and keep your car secure.

While earlier, owning a vehicle, and more specifically a car was considered to be a matter of luxury; today a car is looked at as one of the necessities, although an expensive one. A car insurance plan goes a long way in safeguarding this expensive piece of necessity we own.

Here are a few reasons why getting comprehensive car insurance in India is a good idea:

A car insurance pays for any damage your car undergoes, be it a broken windshield or a smashed door. This ensures you do not end up spending from your own pocket.

It covers third party liability insurance, which is mandatory in India as per the regulations. So, for any damage done to someone else’s car or property, your insurance pays for it.

It pays for any of the hospital bills that result because of a car accident up to a certain limit.

While a simple car insurance plan may do you and your finances a world of good, you may double its benefit by buying add-ons. An add-on is a supplementary coverage that gives you added benefits apart from your regular car insurance coverage. Here are some of the best add-on covers for car insurance:

Roadside Assistance Cover

In case you are met with an auto emergency in the middle of your journey and have no help to turn to, this add-on ensures that your insurance company sends someone to assist you. Filling an empty tank, repairing a flat tire, and helping to tow your vehicle—this add-on covers it all.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Also commonly referred to as depreciation cover, the zero depreciation add-on ensures that you receive full claim on the value of the parts of your car, in case of a damage.

Consumables Cover

This add-on covers expenses that may be incurred while your car consumables like screws, bolts, nuts, oil filter, engine filter, air conditioner, washer, etc. are being repaired after an accident or theft.

Engine Cover

An engine protect add-on ensures that you do not end up burning a hole in your pocket with expensive engine maintenance jobs due to damage in its electronic circuits or other similar issues. Considering how much our car engines go through daily, this is one of the best add-ons to have. It’s a very handy cover especially during the rains.

Return to Invoice Cover

Usually applicable during the first year of purchasing the vehicle, this add-on ensures that you get full value on your car in case it gets completely damaged in an accident or in the event of a theft. A car is an investment that costs us a lot. Which is why investing in car insurance and taking a few add-ons that add extra protection to our vehicle is always a great idea.

Written By: Eswaranatarajan N, Senior Executive Vice President & COO

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