Mumbais new traffic regulations: list of regulations and penalties for violations


28 Jun 2023

Mumbai Traffic Regulations & Penalties

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis of India, has recently introduced new traffic regulations to enhance road safety and streamline traffic flow. Drivers and riders need to stay updated on these regulations to avoid violations and potential penalties. We present a comprehensive list of Mumbai's new traffic regulations and the corresponding penalties for violations, empowering you to navigate the city's roads responsibly.

List of regulations and penalties for violations

Motorists and commuters of Mumbai need to keep in mind below regulations and penalties for violations to enhance road safety awareness and streamline traffic flow:

  1. Driving without vehicle insurance

    Fine for the first-time offence of driving without an insurance policy in Mumbai is Rs. 2,000/- and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.

  2. No honking zone

    To curb noise pollution, certain areas in Mumbai have been designated as ‘No Honking Zones’. Violating this regulation can result in a penalty of ₹2,000 for the first offence and ₹4,000 for subsequent offences.

  3. Helmet rule

    As per the updated regulations, wearing a helmet is mandatory for both the rider and pillion on two-wheelers. Failure to comply can lead to a penalty of ₹1000 for the first offence and or license disqualification for 3 months.

  4. Seat belt enforcement

    All occupants of a four-wheeler must wear seat belts, irrespective of their seating position. Violation of this rule can attract a penalty ₹1,000 for offences.

  5. Mobile phone usage

    Using a mobile phone while driving is strictly prohibited. Offenders can be penalized with a fine of ₹5,000 for the offence, along with the possibility of license suspension.

  6. Drunken driving

    Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a grave offence. Offenders can face penalties, including imprisonment, hefty fines up to ₹10,000, suspension, or cancellation of driving license, depending on the severity of the violation.

  7. Over-speeding

    Exceeding the designated speed limit is a traffic violation. The penalty for over-speeding varies based on the excess speed and can range from ₹1,000 to ₹2,000 for the Light Motor Vehicle and ₹2,000 to ₹4,000 + license suspension or imprisonment for violating two-wheeler or car insurance rules.

  8. Signal jumping

    Disregarding traffic signals or jumping red lights is a dangerous offence. Offenders can be fined ₹1,000 for the offences, along with license suspension for arguments with traffic police officials.

  9. Illegal parking

    Parking in restricted areas, no-parking zones, or blocking traffic can attract penalties ranging from ₹10,000 and imprisonment for 6 months, depending on the severity of the violation and the vehicle type.

  10. Triple riding on two-wheelers

    Carrying more than two persons on a two-wheeler is prohibited. Violators can face a penalty of ₹1,000 and suspension of driving license for 3 months.


Mumbai's new traffic regulations aim to create a safer and more organized road environment. As responsible road users, it is crucial to familiarize ourselves with these rules to avoid violations and penalties. By adhering to the new traffic rules, such as refraining from honking, wearing helmets, following traffic signals, and abstaining from mobile phone usage while driving, we can contribute to a more harmonious and secure commuting experience in the vibrant city of Mumbai. Let's respect the rules, prioritize road safety, and be role models for others to emulate.

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