Moving to a new city Things to note about your car insurance policy


04 Aug 2023

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A new city has its own state government practices and road governing systems that affect the car insurance policy available there. It is, therefore, mandatory to take note of how relocation affects the policyholders of car insurance.

Factors to consider when changing your location

If one is moving to a new place inside the state, then the car insurance policy address should be updated. Else if one moves to a new state, then the policy needs to be re-examined due to changes in the state laws. Even if the policy is valid in the same city, one must check the changes in risk assessment due to the changed location.

One must check the new state's Department of Insurance of Motor Vehicles website for amending or completely changing the car insurance. Moreover, one must make sure that their new motor insurance policy complies with the rules within three months of relocation.

Let us quickly have a look at the factors an individual should consider before moving: -

• Check for upgradation

One should check if the car insurance policy needs an upgrade when moving to a new city. For example, when one relocates from a smaller town to a metropolitan city, then one should buy comprehensive car insurance.

• Inform your existing insurance provider

One should contact their insurance provider and update their address and other necessary contact details as asked by the motor insurance company.

• When buying a new car or policy

Choose a plan wisely compare plans that suits best to your requirements. Transferring a No Claim Bonus when buying a new vehicle and also taking cognizance of zero depreciation in the car insurance settlement is a must. One can also check online platforms to understand the perks of a new insurance policy. One should also look for add-ons such as zero depreciation in new car insurance and roadside assistance coverage.

• Register with the new RTO

One should register with the Regional Transport Office when moving to a new place and communicate that number to the insurance company. If an individual is moving on an ad-hoc basis, then a No Objection Certificate from the RTO will be enough.

• Check the list of networked garages

To use the cashless claim facility, one should check the network of garages near them in the city. If the garages aren't near, some car insurance allows you to make the payment for repairs through your own pocket and then reclaim it.


Therefore, as seen above, a car insurance policy needs to be reassessed and updated when moving to a new place. One can also look at the perks of buying new insurance and changing the provider.

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