Monsoon Prep For Your Car


26 Jul 2023

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We all agree that everyone enjoys going out on long rides or to that favourite place to have a cup of tea and enjoy hot piping samosas when the monsoon comes. As much as it feels great to enjoy the scenery, it is equally difficult to ride on the water clogged roads and sitting for hours in traffic, most of the time during rainfall. Car owners understand how painful it is to drive through water-filled potholes in monsoon, as it threatens to wear and tear the car at an alarming rate. If you are looking forward to #DriveSafeInMonsoon, we would suggest you follow the below 7 Tips To Get Your Car Through The Monsoon:

1. Check the tyres:

One of the crucial parts of the car that most people overlook is the tyres. Tyres play an important role in keeping the car safe during monsoon. The rubber pattern on the tyre is called tyre tread, it helps by keeping the traction on the road. In monsoon, the roads become more slippery because of water and oil leaked from other cars, hence check the wear of the tread on the tyres and change tyres if necessary to improve the car's grip, also always have a spare tyre in the car.

2. Inspect the braking system:

In monsoon, when roads become more slippery than usual, the stopping distance of vehicles tend to increase. Hence, well-functioning brakes are crucial and necessary. Make sure to inspect the braking regularly and change if needed to be and #DriveSafeInMonsoon.

3. Check windshield and wipers:

One of the most significant part of the car is the windshield, as it provides you with the best visibility while driving. And to go along with the windshield, another crucial part used during the monsoon is the wipers. Not checking the condition of the wipers and washer system is a common oversight. Ensure you check the wipers and washer are working properly, also regularly clean the windshield from inside too, for better visibility.

4. Check electricals:

Make sure you keep all the electrical components of the car in top condition. Check whether all your lights, blinkers, fog lamps, headlamps are working well. Also, take a look at the battery since you will be using electrical components like lights and wipers a good deal during the monsoon season.  

5. Underbody protection:

The underbody of a car comes in continuous contact with dirt, water, and other such elements on the road. The underbody is made from metal and tends to rust easily, and it should be protected and taken care of. A combination of used engine oil and diesel is perfect as it forms a protective layer on metal and keeps the underbody of the car rust-free. 

6. Protect the paint:

With rain comes the wear and tear of the paint on your car. The car is often exposed to changing weather from rain to sunlight during the monsoon season. In order to protect the paint, you may try coating your car with a ceramic coat, or you can even try simple car wax or polish your car's paint to make sure the water doesn't stay on the surface and gets away.

7. Keep the interior clean and dry:

With the above tips, you can successfully protect the exterior of your car, but keeping the interior neat and tidy is just as important. Get rid of the excess moisture from the inside, make use of newspapers to keep dirty shoes inside, place towels on seats or seat covers to absorb the water from wet clothes, clean the AC vents, and use car fresheners for a delightful car ride.  

Keep the above tips in mind to get your car through the season and #DriveSafeInMonsoon.

Besides the above tips, the most important thing the car owners should always keep in mind in all seasons is having a valid car insurance policy. To secure your car, visit Kotak General Insurance and buy car insurance online.

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