06 May 2022

This Mothers Day, make roads safer for travel. Check out the motor insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

In India, we revere mother as a god, and rightly so, as she is the figure who symbolises unconditional love. And to honour her love, care for the children and the family, sacrifices and the bond of motherhood, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 8th of May every year. The whole point of this day is to appreciate the mother’s efforts and tell her what she means to you.

You only get one day in the entire year to celebrate mother, and to express your gratitude to her for being the confidante, teacher, guide, friend and mentor to you. While there are many gift options in the market that you can buy your mother, why not break the stereotype and encourage your mother to take up driving and make our roads a safer place to drive. Research has shown that women are safer drivers than men and are involved in fewer accidents than their male counterparts. If women are safe drivers, mothers’ can be the safest and the most reliable drivers.

Let us see how mothers’ can help us in making our roads more safer.

Ensures safety at all times:

Mothers have always taught us to be safe since our childhood. And ensuring safety would be her priority even while driving. Such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike or wearing seatbelts while driving a car, driving within the speed limit, taking the less risky road, avoiding overtaking, or waiting for the traffic lights to signal green, she is just the right person to be on the road.

Law Compliant Citizen:

A mother always teaches us to obey the rules and laws, right? And she would also comply to all laws regarding driving. She would definitely buy a third party motor insurance to be a law-abiding citizen and enjoy her driving without any penalties. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, all car and two-wheeler owners must compulsorily have at least third-party motor insurance at all times. Driving without it is a punishable offence, and it can incur a hefty fine.

Preparing For Future Uncertainties:

In India, every mother teaches their child the importance of saving for future uncertainties and always being ready to face emergencies. Well, this applies in safeguarding her vehicle as well. She would definitely want to protect her vehicle from potential unfortunate events while being cautious in driving.

Getting involved in an accident can be a stressful experience, not to mention it can lead to hefty expenses on repairing the damages to the vehicle. And mothers being aware of this would never miss to have own damage insurance coverage.

While she can still avoid accidents with her safe driving methods, damages due to natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes, floods are highly unpredictable and cause massive destruction of properties, including the vehicle. However, she can protect the vehicle with the comprehensive motor insurance plan.

Similarly, vehicle theft is a common problem in India, especially in cities. Imagine your mom’s favourite bike is parked outside only to find it missing the next morning. It can be a massive loss. However, she can recover the loss if she has comprehensive bike insurance that covers theft.

Drive Like A Mom:

This Mothers’ day, other than planning to buy a driving lesson for your mom and helping her in becoming independent, let’s pledge to drive like mom. Let us follow her driving skills while ensuring safety and following all protocols. Ensuring safety also means getting a motor insurance that covers your vehicle at all times same as your mom does.

Final Word

Just like a mother is a protector against all evils, a motor insurance is necessary to keep your vehicle protected from all kinds of damages. You can consider buying a car or two-wheeler insurance from Kotak General Insurance; our policies offer a wide range of exquisite benefits at an affordable premium. Visit our website to know more.

If you are buying your car insurance online, just by keeping in regulation with these do’s and don't's, you can increase the chances of your claims getting approved on time, without any hassle.

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