17 Nov 2022

Maruti Suzuki is very popular in the Indian market because of its reasonable prices and efficient features. Read about the top 8 reasons to choose a Maruti Suzuki car.

From time immemorial, Maruti has always enjoyed a soft spot in the hearts of the Indian people. Maruti Suzuki cars are very popular in the Indian market because of their reasonable prices and efficient features. Indeed, price should not be the only factor when purchasing a vehicle however, if you talk about quality products, reliable models, prices and maintenance costs Maruti Suzuki cars are way ahead of all. With over 3.5 thousand exclusive showrooms, and over 2.59 crore happy customers1, there is no denying that Maruti Suzuki is indeed the first choice for many. Some of the popular reasons, why Maruti Suzuki is so popular all across the country are listed below:

• Maruti Suzuki is one of the most economical vehicles

The price of the commodity is a crucial factor when purchasing anything. Similarly, Maruti Suzuki cars are economical to afford. It starts from ₹3,39,000-₹14,55,000. Maruti Suzuki manufactures caters to the masses and gives them the option to choose from various variants at a reasonable price.

• With Maruti, you can ensure security

Maruti Suzuki offers a high-performing driving experience with their cars. They keep security as their prime objective and ensure maximum precautionary measures.

• The brand offers you unmatched resilience

The condition of Indian roads is not hidden from anyone. However, it is surprising that Maruti cars are so sturdy that they manage the ruggedness effortlessly. Maruti cars are built to give the best driving experience to users on long drives and harsh roads.

• Maruti Suzuki cars enjoy a higher resale value

The prior-owned or second-hand car market in India is forever booming. With constant innovations in the market, many people do not take very long in changing their cars. Maruti Suzuki is a great option here as well. Maruti Suzuki cars are durable and offer a better user experience, thus leading to attractive resale options.

• When it comes to mileage, Maruti Suzuki leads the way

Cars by Maruti Suzuki deliver optimum mileage capacity to give efficient fuel services to its customers. The better the mileage the longer the life of the car.

• Finding spare parts is rarely a problem

Maruti Suzuki is so popular in the Indian market that you will never struggle to find spare parts in case you need some parts to be replaced. Also, the company itself manufactures enough spare parts that it is available in the market easily.

• The people’s car

‘Maruti’, the name itself wins the heart of Indians even though it works collaboratively with Suzuki for technical needs. It gives the feeling of their own land manufacturing company and not purchasing from an outsider.


There are umpteen reasons to choose a Maruti Suzuki car. Its fuel efficiency, make and model, engine capacity, appearance, and economical price all are extraordinarily attractive. Along with this, Maruti Suzuki car insurance and renewal is also very economical to afford and provides extensive protection to you and your car due to uncertain accidents causing third-party liabilities, own damages, theft, repair expenses, etc. If you are thinking of purchasing car insurance, Maruti Suzuki can surely be a worthy consideration.

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