Looking for a new car Know everything about what to look for during test drives


04 Aug 2023

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Buying a new car is an important decision that you should make with all care. But before you celebrate your car choice, you must ensure that the chosen car is the right one for you. Buying a car is like choosing a long-term partner; trust us, you don't want to make a mistake here.

Test drives help you to be confident and satisfied with your decision to choose a certain car. No amount of internet research can help you get the experience of driving a car in traffic whilst following all the traffic rules and understanding its real-time performance. Therefore, make sure you know everything about test drives and use it to your advantage.

Things to do Before Going for a Test Drive

Before you go for the test drive, note these:

1. Get full information about possible car options that you want to have a look at.

2. Keep a few things like a USB drive or AUX to test the sound system.

3. Also, choose a proper time and location so that you have enough time to effectively test drive the car.

4. Make a checklist to ensure that you do not forget to check anything important during the drive and to be able to inspect the car seamlessly.

5. Note everything that you will need to check during the test drive.

6. Note down any questions that you might have for the salesperson.

7. Walk around the car and get a good look. Visually examine the overall appearance, gadgets, buttons, doors, etc.

8. Check the leg and headroom in the car's rear.

What to do during a test drive?

1. During the test drive, check for comfort level, visibility, brakes, air conditioning, etc.

2. Take the car on a rough road to see how it drives there & performs in terms of comfort.

3. Check if the engine is loud or quiet; and whether the engine sounds nice or coarse by revving the car to about 4000 rpm.

4. Make sure you follow the traffic rules while going for a test drive.

5. Check the smoothness of the clutch. Check if the gear shifts are hard or easy.

6. Reverse the car to see the visibility.

7. Switch on the AC when you are driving at 80km h and check if the speed drops.

8. Also, check the AC fan/blower noise at different speeds.

If you are unsure after your first test drive, do not shy away from requesting another test drive.

Risk Factors to Consider: The biggest risk factor during a test drive is getting involved in an accident. It can cause the driver to face legal liabilities along with medical expenses. Therefore, ensure that you drive the car carefully while following proper traffic rules.


Test drives prove to be the integral & crucial step before finalizing any car you are going to buy. So, make full use of this opportunity. Following the test drive, ask any questions you might have for the sales executive. Take home all the information, brochure, price list, etc., of your chosen car and go through everything once, before you make a decision. Moreover, if you need to resort to the best car insurance plans, check here.

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