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top 160cc bikes available in India

The majority of Indians unquestionably prefer bikes as their travel companions. Even though we enjoy driving, there is something romantic or thrilling about setting out on a road trip on a bike.

Without a doubt, the most popular bike segment in India is the 160cc class. It is because of its striking characteristics, which perfectly balance performance and mileage. These lovely vehicles are excellent for more than just daily commuting and weaving through traffic. It delivers and promises excellent performance for long road trips.

Various brands are available for the best 160cc bike in India so that you can choose your desired bike.

We have listed the best 160 cc bikes in India with their latest price, features, and specifications.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

Price: Rs. 1.23 lakh onwards

One of India's most potent 160cc bikes is the Bajaj Pulsar NS160. The larger engine capacity NS200 shares the same design language, copying its older sister with its sharp lines and graphics. It also has many features, like best-in-class stopping power, thanks to the 260mm front and 230mm rear disc.


• Engine capacity: 160cc

• Mileage: 45 km/l

• Power: 17bhp

• Torque: 14.7Nm

• Gears: 5-speed

• Price: Rs. 1.23 lakh onwards

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

The brand-new TVS Apache is outstanding with its freshly modified BS-VI appearance. It is considered the best 160cc bike in India by many veteran bikers. The Apache RTR 4V is a top-of-the-line, ABS-protected motorcycle with performance that has yet to be matched. The leading two-wheeler producer TVS, which has dominated the racing industry for the previous 38 years, is the one who makes it. The motorcycle states that it was designed using the knowledge it gained from winning national championships, and it claims to have a 16.5 BHP and 14.8 Nm peak torque. This motorcycle is best suited for commuting and has a carburetor.


• Engine:159.7 cc

• Fuel Type: Petrol

• Transmission: 5-speed manual

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 liters

• Top speed: 114 kmph

• Braking system: Single-channel ABS

• Kerb Weight: 145 kg

Hero Xtreme 160R

The Hero Xtreme 160R has a big gasoline tank with stylish shrouds that give it a sporty appearance. One of the least expensive 160 cc bikes on this list, the bike has luxury features and provides outstanding mileage. It is the best 160 cc bike in India and you will definitely love it.


• Engine capacity: 163cc

• Mileage: 45 km/l

• Power: 15.01bhp

• Torque: 14Nm

• Gears: 5-speed

You will undoubtedly find your favorite 160cc bike on this list above. These are the most popular 160 cc bikes in India for performance and mileage. Bikes with excellent performance at reduced prices are primarily available from manufacturers like Honda and TVS. And if you are going to buy a new bike, do not forget to get a two-wheeler insurance.

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