List of documents to keep in handy while buying a Bike


05 Jun 2023

Must-Have Documents: Your Handy Checklist for Buying a Bike

Planning to buy a new bike? It comes with a lot of excitement but also the stress of the bunch of paperwork one goes through while purchasing a new vehicle. 

However, if you are reading this blog, the procedure of buying a new bike is about to get quite easier for you! We have all the necessary information about the documents you shall need to make the process easier while keeping your excitement intact. 

To buy a bike, a person requires certain documents, as just paying for the bike will not be enough to get it home. Documents that help the bike dealer in identifying the person willing to purchase the bike, documents that provide information about the residence of the person, documents to buy the bike insurance and documents that provide information about the source of income of the person are important papers that are needed while purchasing a bike. 

Other than these, bank statements, Income Tax Returns, etc., are required to get a loan for purchasing the bike. Moreover, the registration papers to show that the bike is registered with the RTO are also required to authenticate the bike ownership. 

Before you begin gathering all the documents, it can be helpful to check the prices of the bike you wish to buy at different dealerships, especially along with the bike insurance policy

Make sure to go through different policies available that can allow saving more on your two-wheeler insurance. Researching bike insurance before you visit the dealer could be helpful in getting the best suitable bike insurance. 

Essential documents you need for buying a bike

Necessary documents that are required for purchasing a two-wheeler include the following.

  1. For Id Proof: PAN card, Aadhar card, or driving license are documents that help in the identification of the person willing to purchase the bike.

  2. For Address Proof: Passport, rent contract/agreement, electricity bill, and water bill help in conforming to the residential address. This will be required for your bike insurance policy as well.

  3. For Nationality Proof: A passport or a voter Id card is essential.


If any individual plans to buy the bike on loan through a bank, then the following documents are important:

  • Identity Proof

  • Address Proof

  • Income Proof – Salary slip, IT returns

  • Bank Statements for the past year and

  • Two Passport size photographs


Then in order to drive the purchased bike on the road, the most important two documents are:

  • Two-wheeler Insurance

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate with the RTO

  • PUC certificate


For the registration with the RTO, the following documents have to be taken from the dealer of the bike for submission at the RTO:

  • Sales Certificate (Form 21)

  • Application Form (Form 20)

  • Emission Control Certificate (PUC Certificate)

  • Road Worthiness Certificate (Form 22)

  • Proof of Sale (Invoice from the Manufacturer & Dealer)

  • Customs Clearance Certificate for imported bikes

  • Address Proof for registration

  • Id Proof

  • Temporary Registration Certificate (Insurance Policy Cover Note)

  • Affidavit on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper

  • Loan or Finance copy (Form 34)


Two-wheeler insurance should not be taken as an option as it is a legal obligation. Also, you can consider it an investment as your financial security. There are numerous benefits that two-wheeler insurance can bring along with vehicle security. It is easy to get insurance as you can apply for two-wheeler insurance online and follow a hassle-free process.

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