Learn how to parallel park like a pro


04 Aug 2023

Learn how to parallel park like a pro. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

There are many situations where you have to align and park your car parallel to already parked ones without causing any damage. This is what is known as Parallel Parking, an intricate process that you need to practice to master it. Moreover, it is the driving maneuver that demands you to know about how to park in tight or compact spaces that everyone faces in their day-to-day driving.

To ease this art of parking, you need to know about parallel parking along with the on-road practice.

Understanding the techniques of parallel parking

• It is a method of parking a vehicle in line with other parked ones on the roadside.

• To do this, one should drive past the spaces available and pull up next to the parked vehicles.

• Then maintain a safe distance and gradually reverse to fit in that space.

One can easily park the car with some practice and concentration, and there is nothing so much to get nervous about.

There are a few steps involved in parallel parking:

1. Find the right spot

a. You should care about the safe & available parking while searching for a parking spot.
b. You should know the thumb rule of parking, that is, the space parking should be one and half times the car's length, and also you should maintain a distance of one or two feet from the other vehicles.

2. Then put your car in reverse

a. You have to reverse your car to bring the middle part in a parallel line with the other front car's bumper. At this time, the car is not yet in the space but at the right starting position.
b. The benefit of maintaining the distance between two vehicles will become evident here because you will have extra space for reversing your car without touching any other vehicle.

3. After that, slot your car into the perfect position

a. Now Cut your steering wheels right to maintain the angle of 45 degrees and continue in the reverse gear.
b. Then, turn the steering wheel in an anticlockwise direction and continue until parallel parking on the left.

4. Then align & straighten

a. This is the final step to check your car is at an equal distance from other vehicles and edges of the road.
b. If not, then reposition your car until it is parallel parked.

Few tips for effortless parallel parking

1. Use the indicators: While parking your car, always keep your car's indicator switched on to let other drivers know about your next move.

2. Back up slowly: Slowly reverse your car while parallel parking; rushing is not at all a good idea.

3. Having Good control over the steering wheel: Smartly turn your steering wheel swiftly.

4. You should ensure that you keep the car as close to the wall as possible or the divider too. But leave enough space that it's easy for doors to open.

In conclusion, we would recommend you have good car insurance for your car with a quick reimbursement policy. Your car might get damaged in parking or driving, which calls for the need for an insurer that eases the claiming process & covers the majority of the damage.

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