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Traffic Fines in Karnataka

The number of vehicles in Karnataka is increasing by the day, and it is vital to understand the city's different traffic rules and their respective violation fines. To maintain order on Indian roads and minimize mishaps, the Karnataka government has devised a number of laws and regulations to limit accidents and ensure there are never any traffic violations. When traffic laws are adhered to, everyone on the road benefits from safety and a regulated drive through the city.

Traffic Fines and Rules in Karnataka

A reduction in traffic fines & penalties under the New Motor Vehicles (MV) Act of 2019 was announced by the Karnataka government. Traffic fines have been slashed in a number of cities, including Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, Udupi, and Chickmangaluru, offering some comfort to commuters across the state. The popular new traffic fines have been adjusted on some offenses, reducing the burden for persons riding two-wheelers in particular.

Driving a two- or three-wheeler without a license carries fines that have been reduced from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,000 for Light Motor Vehicles, respectively. Furthermore, the fine for driving a vehicle without insurance has been reduced from Rs.2,000 to Rs.1,000 for two-wheelers.

There are now increased fines for violating the traffic rules, such as not wearing a helmet when riding a bike, going above the speed limit, driving without a license, etc. Let's carefully review the changes made below and what they mean to you.

Offenses Under Law Vehicles Revised Fine(INR)
Driving Without Licence Two & Three wheelers 1,000/-
  Light Motor Vehicles 2,000/-
  Others 5,000/-
Over-Speeding 2W, 3W, and LMV 1,000/-
  MGV/MPV/HGV HPV & Others 2,000/-
Driving without registration Two & Three Wheelers 2,000/-
  Four Wheelers & LMV 3,000/-
  Others 5,000/-
Driving Without Insurance 2 and 3 Wheelers 1,000/-
  LMV (Light Motor Vehicles) 2,000/-
Driving without Helmet   500/-
Not Wearing Seatbelt and Fail to Use Safety Seating of Children   500/-
Not allowing emergency vehicles to pass (ambulances, fire engines, police cars)   1,000/-
Overloading   5,000/- and INR 2,000/- for each extra tonne of excess load, plus costs for off-loading the surplus cargo.
Use of Horns in Silent Zones Two & Three Wheelers 500/-
  Other Vehicles 1,000/-
Dangerous Driving Two & Three-wheelers 1,500/-
  four-wheelers & LMV 3,000/-
  For Second & Subsequent Offenses Up to 10,000/-
Letting unauthorized persons drive vehicles Two & Three Wheeler 1,000/-
  Light Motor Vehicles 2,000/-
  Others 5,000/-


Traffic offenses are fairly widespread in India, and if a person is a frequent traveler/driver, there is a good chance that he/she has broken one or more traffic rules at some point. If you have been penalized with an e-challan in Karnataka, you can use the information provided above to pay the challan or traffic fines.

If you still have not got your auto insurance, it is better to subscribe to it as soon as possible.

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