Latest in traffic rules, violation, and fines: rear belts to over-speeding


20 May 2023

Keeping Up with Traffic Regulations: From Rear Seat Belts to Over-Speeding Violations and Fines

Traffic rules are set to ensure the safety of all the commuters on the roads. When the traffic rules set by the authorities are not followed strictly, it endangers the safety of everyone on the roads. To ensure that traffic rules are followed diligently, authorities impose certain punishments and penalties for the violation of traffic rules. These fines may be revised by the authorities as per the situation.

All of this is done aiming to reduce the number of fatal accidents on roads. Traffic violations can be fatal for the violators as well as other drivers near them. Despite the increasing efforts to impose traffic rules by the authorities, the number of fatal accidents is on the rise.

Very recently, Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry passed away in a car accident in Maharashtra's Palghar district. As per the police reports, Mistry was not wearing a seat belt as he sat in the back of a Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes, unfortunately, rammed into a portion of a bridge.

This accident has sparked a nationwide debate on the importance of wearing seat belts for passengers at the back. The Delhi government is all set to impose strict fines to implement this new rule. If passengers are found at the back without wearing a seat belt, they will be fined with a challan. The amount to be paid will be INR 1000/- as part of the challan.

Also, over-speeding is the leading cause of fatal accidents. Delhi police have been gearing up against those who do resort to traffic violations. Consequently, the fines for over-speeding in Delhi have also been revised.

  • Those who are found over-speeding will now be fined INR 2000/- as opposed to INR 1000/- fined earlier.

  • The fine for dangerous driving has also been increased to INR 5000/-.

  • Using a mobile phone while driving may also cause a challan of INR 5000.

In addition to these, drivers must carry valid documents of their car along with their Driver's Licence (or its Digi locker copy) to avoid further fines. These documents include the original car smart card or its Digi locker copy (if vehicle owners do not have a car smart card for their new vehicle, an RTO receipt will also do as it is valid for 90 days), the original insurance policy or its copy, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

Delhi police have been taking strict actions against those violating any traffic laws. Violating traffic rules may get you a challan from anywhere between INR 4000 -INR 10000/-. Offenders can pay the challan by offline or online methods.

Traffic violations should always be avoided, not just to avoid penalties but to ensure your as well as others' safety. Always stay updated with the latest traffic laws and follow them strictly. Another essential traffic law that reduces the risk of financial & emotional damage while keeping you worry-free is having duly updated auto insurance.

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