Know whether your insurance covers the suspension of a car


13 Sep 2022

Know whether your insurance covers suspension of car . For more information, check out the car insurance from Kotak General Insurance.

Suspension in a car is primarily meant to provide comfort to the passengers and stability to the car while it drives over rough terrain. It increases the friction between the wheels and the road surface and keeps them intact. The parts that help to provide suspension are tyres, shock absorbers, tyre airs, and linkages between the wheels to help keep the balance between the tyres. The system also works as a shield and protects the tyres from normal wear and tear.

So basically, suspension in cars helps the drivers to drive through rough roads easily and more comfortably. There may be times when your car's suspension may get damaged due to careless driving. Will your insurer provide cover for the damage caused to the suspension in your car? Read to know.

Does insurance cover the suspension of the car?

A car's suspension includes car tyres and tubes. Given the condition of Indian roads, a comprehensive car insurance policy is necessary to protect against any damages to these parts. The comprehensive car insurance covers upto 50% of the replacement cost of the tyres or tubes if damaged in an accident. In case you want complete coverage, you must opt for zero depreciation cover. Note that zero depreciation cover is only applicable for cars that are 5 years old or lesser.

Your comprehensive car insurance does not cover any regular wear and tear of any suspension parts or puncture and repair costs of tubes and tyres. Here are a few ways how you can reduce the impact of damage on your car from general wear and tear.

• Avoid hard brakes:

Do not slap on your brakes hard unless it is urgent. This way, you can protect your car from damage due to friction.

• Be easy on speed bumps and potholes:

The car's suspension can be affected if you take your car too fast over the bumpers or the potholes. Try to keep it slow and easy.

• Rash driving or over speeding:

Over speeding or rash driving can wear out the tyres faster. Try keeping the speed within the limit to avoid excess pressure on your suspension, as they are designed to sustain the stress of a specific terrain. Also, avoid reckless driving when driving on uneven or damaged roads.

• Overloading your vehicle:

Carrying too many passengers on your vehicle can put pressure on your suspension as it is manufactured to carry only a certain limit. Too much pressure can damage the suspension over time and lead to early wear and tear.

• Regular servicing of the suspension:

Regular servicing of the suspension is necessary to keep your car well-maintained and avoid paying unnecessarily for the replacement or repair of the parts.

Maintaining your car and driving sensibly is the key to keeping your car’s suspension efficient for a longer tenure however having a comprehensive insurance policy is equally important to deal with the damages that may arise due to any accident.

Moreover, comprehensive insurance also covers for other damages that may have caused due to reasons which is beyond our control such as natural calamities.

Our comprehensive car insurance policy Kotak Car Secure, protects you from the financial damages that may cause due to any unforeseen circumstances. At Kotak you can choose, customise and buy car insurance online. Visit our Car insurance page to get more information about different car insurance plans and quotes.

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