Know how roadside assistance cover can be useful for cars


04 Aug 2023

Read about Know how roadside assistance cover can be useful for cars. Check out Kotak General Insurance's car insurance online for more information.

Roadside assistance is an optional rider you can add to your comprehensive car insurance plan. It can be very useful in tackling roadside emergencies, especially if you love long drives. Read on to know more.

Third-party car insurance is a statutory requirement in India. However, it only covers the damages caused to the third-party property, life, or vehicle. Therefore, comprehensive car insurance can be a better option for both the third-party and own damages.

Comprehensive car insurance is recommended for car owners who prefer long drives. However, car owners can make their comprehensive car insurance more effective with roadside assistance cover.

What is a roadside assistance cover?

Roadside assistance is an additional rider you can purchase with your comprehensive car insurance policy by paying an extra amount with the original insurance premium. The rider enables you to access a range of emergency assistance provided by the insurer if you face any problem with your car while on the road.

What is included in a roadside assistance cover?

An insurer can include many things in a roadside assistance cover. Some important inclusions can be as follows.

Tyre problems

A flat tyre is one of the most common problems faced by cars. Car’s tyre can deflate for numerous reasons like continuous running for a long time, improper maintenance, poor roads, or puncture caused by sharp objects like glass pieces or iron nails.

Repairing the flat tyre can be tiresome, especially if you’re stuck at an unknown place. However, if your car insurance has roadside assistance, you may get a mechanic who can help you in replacing the tyre or help you get to the nearest network garage.

Lost/broken keys

If the cars keys are lost, broken, or damaged, you may get on-the-spot assistance or get the car towed to the nearest car repair shop.

Fuel assistance

While long distance drives can be super fun, it requires a lot of fuel. Consequently, it’s possible to run out of fuel at odd locations.

However, fuel assistance can arrange to provide a minimum quantity of fuel for your car to enable you to drive it to the nearest fuel pump. Alternatively, your insurer might arrange to tow the car to the nearest fuel station or some other convenient place.

Car breakdown

There can be numerous reasons behind a car’s unexpected breakdown. For instance, there can be mechanical, electrical, or electronic failures in the internal circuits in the middle of a journey. Moreover, the battery can also break down while you’re on a long trip.

All these situations can immobilise a car causing great inconvenience to the owner/driver. However, your comprehensive car insurance provider can make necessary arrangements, like towing the car to the nearest garage, if you have roadside assistance cover.

On-call assistance

Some insurers provide on-call assistance as a part of the roadside assistance. This can help car drivers sort out minor issues without waiting for someone to visit the location physically. This can save a lot of time, especially when you’re out of city limits.

You bought a car for a reason. You probably plan to ride extensively on your dream machine or explore distant places on wheels. So, why not add the roadside assistance rider to your comprehensive vehicle insurance plan? It may prove critical one day to get yourself out of an emergency situation without much hassle.

After all, your focus should be on the roads and the surrounding beauty while you ride. Leave the worries to the roadside assistance cover. We at Kotak general insurance also offer roadside assistance rider with our comprehensive car insurance plan, Kotak car Secure. You can choose the rider while renewing your car insurance plan or when you plan to buy a new car insurance policy from us, at Kotak.

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