Know how car insurance premium is calculated


04 Aug 2023

Understand how car insurance premiums are calculated, including factors such as car model, driver age & experience, & location. Visit Kotak General Insurance for more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional way of doing business; however, technological advancements and digitization have paved the way to the new era of online customer services and other digital services. One of the areas to greatly benefit from this is the insurance sector. 
Kotak General Insurance has always been progressive in providing customers with the latest online services.

Due to the pandemic, many services are done digitally on our website rather than physically at our branches; hence, we recommend customers to avail our digital services to fulfil their insurance needs. 
We are #YourDigitalALLY and strive to make insurance-related processes as convenient as possible.

Let's take a look at the various online services provided by Kotak General Insurance:

Get a guided tour from the experts:

Are you trying to buy any type of insurance? And you are confused as to where to start your journey? Worry not! With just a click, you can connect with our experts, who will guide you through your insurance buying journey in real-time with the help of 'Screen Sharing' or 'Co-browsing'. Now you can ask questions as they pop into your mind, clear doubts on the spot and enjoy premium customer service with Kotak General Insurance. 
So how can you avail this service? On the product page, click on “Request for Support” and connect with our experts to get personalised assistance.  

Self-service for existing customers:

If you are an existing customer and wants to perform any changes to your policy, raise claims, renew the policy, upload documents, or avail any service related to your policy, you can now take charge of your policy and use the services yourself easily and without any hassle. Click here and keep your policy details up to date. 

Chat with GIA:

Need help in policy servicing, renewal, claims, buying insurance policy etc.? Get in touch with our advanced chatbot service GIA. Click here and enter your details to get live support from our online team. You can also connect with GIA via WhatsApp number +91 8657903881. 

Renew Online:

Is your insurance policy about to expire? Never let your benefits lapse and renew before time with our online renewal service. Visit our Car Insurance Page, select from our numerous policies, enter policy details and renew your policy without any physical intervention. There are two ways you can renew your policy. 

1. Enter your details here and renew your policy online.

2. Renew policy by voice renewals, where you will get an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call to guide you through the policy renewal. The IVR call will guide you as the payment link will be sent as an SMS. Then you will be directed to the webpage that has your policy details in advance. You can make the payment and get the policy renewed.

With the help of the above online customer services, we aim to achieve a similar commitment as our physical services and give you the best possible solutions to all your insurance related queries and provide a comprehensive structure to fulfil your future insurance needs. 

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