Know everything about getting an International Driving Permit (IDP)


04 Aug 2023

Our comprehensive guide to International Driving Permits (IDPs) provides all the information you need to obtain your permit and drive abroad with confidence.

Car enthusiasts are known for their attachment to their cars, be it anywhere they go. So, when they travel abroad, they are bound to miss the sound of their car's engine and the feel of the steering wheel. If you are one such car/driving enthusiast who is traveling abroad soon, there is good news. An International Driving Permit will allow you to be behind the steering wheel on international roads!

International Driving Permit/Licence

The International Driving Permit (IDP) or the International Driving Licence (IDL) is an official travel document authorized by the United Nations and is issued to travelers traveling abroad and wishing to drive around themselves. An IDP is essentially a form of driving licence which also entails that the international traveler has a valid driving licence issued in their name in their own country.

The permit is printed in a number of international languages so that the local authorities are able to understand and verify your driving credentials. The validity of an IDP is for one year or until the expiration of the driver's licence, whichever happens, earlier.

How to apply for the IDP?

An IDP acts as a driving licence for individuals who wish to drive in another country. Applying for the permit is now easy, thanks to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. You need to visit your nearest RTO with the necessary documents (explained below) and the application fee. After submitting the application, it usually takes 3-4 business days to deliver your driving permit.

What is required for IDP?

To apply for the IDP, you need to submit a duly filled application form with the application fee. The application form can be taken from any RTO and is called the "Form for the Issue of International Driving Permit," or simply ask for Form 4. You will need to give some personal information such as name, address, active driving licence number, name of the country you are traveling to, etc.

IDP application fee - The processing fee required after submission of the application form for the IDP is INR 1000/-. It has to be paid at the time of submission of the form.

Documents required for issuing IDP

The document requirements for issuing IDP and the eligibility is uniform across all signatory countries. The eligibility requirements are:

• Above 18 years of age

• Must possess a valid driving licence.

The documents required for submission are:

• Form 4.

• Copy of valid driver's licence, passport and visa, and air tickets.

• Medical certificate as mentioned in the application form.

• Application fee

• Five passport-size photographs.

• Certified proof of Indian citizenship.

• Copy of address proof and age proof.

Please note that the IDP is valid for only one year and is not eligible for renewal. No matter if you are out on business or simply vacationing, have fun steering the wheel on international roads with the International Driving Permit.

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