Keyless Cars Are they the next big thing


04 Aug 2023

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Technology in every aspect of life is meant to make our lives easier, more comfortable, and more secure. As technology advances, humans are expected to take advantage of it in their daily lives, and this is precisely what a keyless entry car does.

Although keyless cars have been around for a while, these technologically advanced cars are becoming increasingly popular.

Are you someone who is not easily satisfied with new technology? Are you skeptical about keyless cars? Are you wondering if keyless cars are safe? Well! Read ahead to find out why all cars may soon have a potentially keyless future.

1. Convenience is the “key.”

As we talked about earlier, convenience is one of the major aspects of any new technology. Keyless cars definitely tick all the boxes when it comes to user convenience. You are free from the hassle of searching for car keys in your pocket amongst your house keys and whatnot, trying to fit the key in the dark, or putting those heavy shopping bags on the floor to open your car. All you need to do now is click one button (having fingerprint or other techs), and voila, the car door opens up smoothly.

2. Automatic locking

Many of us are always in a rush, be it office or somewhere urgent, often leading to the reckless behavior of leaving the car unlocked. When you leave your car outside the shopping mall, you might find yourself wondering if you locked the car door. Well! With a keyless entry car, you do not need to worry at all, thanks to the automatic locking feature in these cars.

3. Highly user friendly

Keyless cars are particularly user-friendly. Whether you want to track your movement, use the remote to heat the engine on a chilly morning without going outside, or switch on the car air-conditioning on a hot day. All can be done just by clicking a button on your car remote.

4. Enhanced security features

Keyless cars allow you to set passcodes for your cars, open and lock the car from a mobile app, track it from anywhere, and offer overall enhanced security to protect the car from theft.

5. Increases resale value

The feature of being keyless increases the resale price of your car.


Like every technology, keyless cars currently may have some drawbacks. Therefore, keyless car users must understand the pros and cons of using keyless cars, and that too with caution.

However, whether you prefer keyless cars or not, the fact remains that keyless technology is the future of cars. As time passes, the technology for a keyless entry car will develop further, and all the “cons” that one may think of will be dealt with.

All technologies take time to reach perfection. It is not far that every car will be equipped with keyless technology with more features than we can imagine right now. It, therefore, only makes sense to understand the intent behind keyless cars and take full advantage of it. No matter how secure or advanced the car is, you still need car insurance as per the government-specified traffic rules in India. Get yours and drive safely.

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