Keep these things in mind while getting tyre protection cover in car insurance.


12 Jun 2023

Important Considerations for Tyre Protection Cover

Tyres are critical components of the car that receive a high level of wear & tear. Tyres are subjected to all the damage of various road conditions in addition to bearing the whole weight of the vehicle and its occupants. Yet by default, they are not covered by a typical car insurance policy. For this reason, separately buying a tyre protection insurance or add-on is recommended.

What is tyre protection insurance coverage?

With a standalone own damage or comprehensive auto insurance policy, a tyre protection cover is an add-on that can be purchased by paying an extra cost. The cost of replacing and repairing tyres is covered by this car insurance add-on policy. Moreover, it offers insurance coverage for unintentional tyre damage and loss.

What is included in a tyre protection cover?

Tyre replacement - Cracks, bulges, punctures, cuts, and other problems can all lead to tyre deterioration. The most practical remedy in these circumstances could be tyre replacement. It is imperative to have tyre protection insurance in addition to comprehensive car insurance to safeguard yourself against the expense of replacing a damaged tyre. Moreover, Tyre protection cover also includes labour costs incurred while replacing or repairing tyres.

Post-accident protection - The tyres and cylinders may sustain unforeseen destruction or damage, leaving them unusable. This covers tyre swell, explosion, and damage or slicing. To protect against the cost of tyre damage in an accident, it is a good idea to ensure both the automobile and the tyre. As a result, this is also covered by tyre insurance.

What is not covered by tyre protection coverage?

Any tyre repair expenses incurred as a result of competing in a race or rally are not covered. When purchasing comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle, it is advised that you familiarise yourself with the tyre insurance exclusions:

  • Cost of tyre puncture and repair - A vehicle's most frequent issue, puncture, is repairable at any auto repair shop. The expense of a minor tyre repair or puncture is not covered by the tyre protection insurance cover, which also doesn't cover the normal wear and tear of the insured vehicle's tyre and tube.

  • Labour costs - The cost of labour to retrofit, remove, or rebalance the wheel is generally not covered by many tyre cover policies. Hence, always read and discuss what is actually covered.

  • Replacement fee for the damaged tyre - There are many different types of tyre damage, including punctures, cracks, cuts, bulges, etc. The cost of fixing such damages won't be covered by your tyre protection insurance if it is not damaged in the specified situations.

  • Theft claim - Tyre and tube theft claims are usually not covered by comprehensive car insurance.

  • Overloading and transportation-related damage - The damage cost to the vehicle's tyres when utilised for business transportation is not covered by the comprehensive insurance's tyre insurance component.

Who should get a tyre protection plan?

  • People that drive new or luxurious vehicles

  • Those who reside in places prone to accidents

  • Those who commute every day in their car need to safeguard their tyres.

  • People who reside in or regularly go to mountainous places should get their car this protection.


In conclusion, the tyre protection cover add-on may be quite beneficial and result in substantial financial savings over time. It would improve the ease and seamlessness of your journeys to include this service in your car insurance. By doing all of this, you can keep your car in top shape and extend its lifespan significantly.

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