Is a bike warranty better than a bike insurance policy


03 Aug 2023

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Bike insurance is nothing but a contract between you and your insurance provider for any mishaps to your bike. In this agreement, you pay a monthly fee to your insurer for the financial protection of your bike against third-party liability or damage against natural calamity, accidents, or theft.

On the other hand, a bike warranty is a guarantee from your manufacturer that your vehicle will be replaced or repaired if any damage occurs. It protects you from heavy financial losses in case of any unfortunate events. This means if any damage occurs during the warranty period, the manufacturer will bear the cost and won’t charge you. Bike warranty is usually of two types - New Bike Warranty and Extended Bike Warranty.

New bike warranty: It comes when you first purchase a bike and is mostly valid for 3-5 years or depending on the kilometers.

Extended bike warranty: Once your new warranty is over, you can extend your warranty (or you can also purchase bike insurance) by purchasing it. In this case, the coverage plan might differ.

So, both provide security & comfort. But every time, the debate is about which one is better: Two-Wheeler Insurance or Bike Warranty.

There’s only one way to find out is to find the differences and also what makes them unique.

Bike insurance vs. bike warranty


Bike Insurance

Bike Warranty

Faulty parts of the bike

Does not cover or pay for the faulty parts.

Covers faulty parts and gets them replaced.

PA (Personal Accident Cover)

PA must be purchased separately.

No option to purchase PA.

Is it mandatory?

Third-party liability is mandatory, while own damage cover is optional.

Warranties can be extended per your choice. However, new bikes always get a warranty.

Third-Party liabilities

Covers damage to the third party’s property, injuries, or death.

Does not cover third-party liabilities.


You can get valuable add-ons as per your requirements.

No add-ons are available.

Damages to the insured bike

Cover accidental damage to the insured bike.

Does not cover accidental damage to the insured bike.

Usual wear and tear

No coverage

No coverage


Covers bike theft

Does not cover bike theft.

Damages beyond repair or Total loss

Cover total loss

Does not cover the total loss

Mechanical or Electrical failure

No coverage

Covers mechanical and electrical failures under the warranty period.

Fire or explosion

Covers accidents caused by fire or explosion.

Does not cover

Manmade or Natural disaster

Covers manmade or natural disaster

Does not covers manmade or natural disaster


The bike warranty and bike insurance are two different protections for your bike. Though a bike warranty does not cover some situations, Two-Wheeler insurance covers most of the damages caused due to fire, natural disaster, theft, etc. Also, it is advisable to have both protections to be safe in all directions.

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