IRDAIs proposal: 3 years insurance cover for cars, 5 years for two-wheelers - Exploring the benefits for you


11 Jul 2023

Longer Insurance Coverage: Benefits of IRDAI's Proposal for Cars and Two-Wheelers

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) recently proposed a significant change in the insurance sector by recommending longer insurance cover for vehicles. Under this proposal, cars will have a mandatory three-year insurance policy, while two-wheelers will require a five-year policy. Let's explore the benefits of this proposal for vehicle owners.

Highlighting how IRDAI's proposal can provide financial security, convenience and stability

  • With three-year insurance for cars and a five-year policy for two-wheelers, vehicle owners can enjoy an extended period of coverage without the need for annual renewals

  • The proposal for longer insurance coverage also offers increased convenience and ease of vehicle ownership as vehicle owners can avoid the hassle of yearly renewals, paperwork and the risk of missing renewal deadlines.

  • It promotes stability and long-term planning for vehicle owners. Multi-year insurance provides better forecasts to individuals for their financial commitments and helps them to plan their budget accordingly.

What are the benefits of 3 years of insurance cover for cars?

  • Vehicle owners can enjoy continuous coverage without annual renewals, providing financial security and predictable premium rates over an extended period.

  • Locking in a fixed premium rate for three years may result in potential savings compared to annual renewals with fluctuating premium rates.

  • Eliminating the need for yearly renewals reduces administrative burdens, paperwork, and the risk of missing renewal deadlines.

  • With longer motor insurance coverage, owners can focus on enjoying their vehicles and proper maintenance.

  • Extended coverage promotes responsible driving behavior as owners prioritize vehicle maintenance, adherence to traffic rules, and safer driving practices.

  • Encouraging responsible driving habits through extended coverage can reduce the risk of accidents and enhance road safety for all.

What are the benefits of 5 years of insurance cover for two-wheelers?

  • Owners have continuous coverage for 5 years without the need for annual renewals, ensuring financial protection.

  • Opting for a 5 years insurance policy allows owners to lock in a fixed premium rate, potentially saving money compared to annual renewals.

  • With a five-year policy, owners can avoid the inconvenience of yearly insurance renewals.

  • Having a 5 years insurance period ensures that owners maintain continuous protection without any lapses, reducing the chances of facing penalties.

  • The extended coverage allows owners to plan their finances more effectively, as they can forecast their insurance expenses and budget accordingly.

  • Knowing they are covered by a 5 years insurance policy, owners are more likely to prioritize regular maintenance, adhere to traffic rules, etc.


The IRDAI's proposal for 3 years of insurance cover for cars and 5 years for two-wheelers brings several benefits for vehicle owners opting for vehicle insurance. Moreover, IRDAI's insurance proposal provides stability for long-term planning and encourages responsible driving habits. IRDAI's motor insurance marks a positive step in ensuring comprehensive and sustainable insurance coverage, benefitting vehicle owners in India. Remember to consider all special factors when selecting our insurance policy at kotak general insurance.

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