IRDAI guidelines for two-wheeler insurance: Staying informed


12 Dec 2023

IRDAI Regulations Demystified: Your Guide to Informed Two-Wheeler Insurance

Stay informed about IRDAI regulations and IRDA new rules for two-wheeler insurance. Learn about IRDAI guidelines for motor insurance, and key insurance regulations in India, and make the most of your Kotak bike insurance. Be in the know about bike insurance rules to ensure complete protection.

Understanding IRDAI regulations for two-wheeler insurance:

For every bike owner, staying updated with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India's (IRDAI) regulations for two-wheeler insurance is an essential task. By providing comprehensive guidelines, the IRDAI helps insurers offer various insurance policies to two-wheeler owners. Following these guidelines can protect policyholders from unexpected events and enable a secure ride on the roads of India. Let's understand the core details of IRDAI guidelines for motor insurance, specific to two-wheelers.

IRDAI new rules and changes:

Under the new rules set by the IRDAI, every new two-wheeler should be insured for at least five years. It comes under the broader scope of IRDAI regulations for insurance companies to ensure better risk coverage for all vehicles on the road. Not only does this make it mandatory for two-wheeler owners to have at least third-party insurance coverage but it also significantly improves the chances of renewing their insurance policy.

Additionally, IRDAI's new rules have increased the maximum limit of compensation in case of a third-party property damage claim from INR 6000 to INR 1 lakh. The increase is part of a broader move to align the coverage with the increased costs associated with vehicular accidents.

Insurance regulations in India and two-wheeler coverage

According to the insurance regulations in India, every vehicle, including two-wheelers, should have valid insurance coverage. As per IRDAI guidelines for motor insurance, every policyholder should be provided with at least one renewal reminder from the insurance company. Moreover, bike insurance can now be purchased online, further simplifying the process.

Bike insurance serves a dual purpose - it is not just a legal requirement but also provides a financial cushion against damages from accidents or theft. For instance, under comprehensive bike insurance, policyholders get coverage for third-party liability and personal damages.

Renewal and policy details

Adhering to IRDAI regulations, a bike insurance policy generally covers damages or loss due to theft, natural calamities, riots, and terrorism. If you’ve chosen a comprehensive policy, it even covers personal accident insurance that provides a payout in the event of death or permanent disability due to a bike accident. As per the IRDAI new rules, it is compulsory to carry a valid two-wheeler insurance document while driving.

Understanding bike insurance claims

Following the insurance regulations in India, in case of any unfortunate incident, the insurance company should be informed immediately. The claim process is regulated under IRDAI guidelines for motor insurance, which makes it compulsory for insurance companies to settle or reject the claims within a span of 30 days.


Staying aware and informed about IRDAI regulations, IRDA new rules, and IRDAI guidelines for motor insurance is necessary to benefit from the insurance policy from insurers such as Kotak Bike Insurance. It not only provides knowledge about rights as policyholders but also educates about the regulations guiding the bike insurance sector in India.

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