Insured from bumper to bumper understanding car insurance coverage


15 Jan 2024

Complete car protection without depreciation.

Bumper-to-bumper is a form of comprehensive coverage in motor insurance. Car insurance from Kotak General Insurance offers this coverage. It is one of the significant aspects of general insurance that is designed to offer maximum protection to the insured vehicle. In this article, we shall understand the details and complexities of bumper-to-bumper insurance.

What is bumper-to-bumper insurance?

Bumper-to-bumper car insurance coverage is an extensive form of coverage that offers maximum vehicle protection. The bumper-to-bumper insurance cover is unlike standard insurance policies that possess limitations due to depreciation. The bumper-to-bumper car insurance coverage aims to provide complete financial security without shelling out any money for depreciation costs. With his cover, you shall be able to offer vehicle protection without the need to pay for the depreciation factor.

Key features of bumper-to-bumper insurance

Below are the key features of bumper-to-bumper insurance:

Zero depreciation

In standard general insurance policies, the claim settlement happens after the deduction of depreciation costs of car parts. However, under bumper-to-bumper insurance, the insurer can avail of the entire cost of repair or replacement without factoring in the depreciation costs.

Coverage for all car parts

The bumper-to-bumper insurance covers all types of car parts whether plastic, fiber, rubber, or metal components.

Enhanced financial coverage

As no cost of depreciation is factored in the claim settlement the insurer can claim the entire cost of replacement or repair thus giving higher financial coverage as compared to a standard car insurance policy.

Higher premium amount

No doubt that this type of insurance coverage offers higher financial coverage and extensive vehicle protection. For bumper-to-bumper insurance, the insurer has to pay higher premiums as compared to the other standard general insurance policies in the market.

Importance of bumper-to-bumper insurance

This type of car insurance is especially important if the insurer has a high-value vehicle as the coverage insures any or all damages and repairs. This cover ensures that all the repairs are fully covered and that the insurer does not have to bear significant out-of-pocket expenses. This car insurance cover is advantageous, especially during the initial years as the depreciation is at the highest.

Steps to avail of bumper-to-bumper coverage

Select the insurer

It is best to research plans from Kotak General Insurance which offers comprehensive coverage as per your needs.

Inclusions and Exclusion

It is important to read through the terms and conditions of the policy that determine the inclusions and exclusions from the policy coverage. Inclusions mean the costs covered under the policy coverage and exclusions determine the cost not covered under the policy.

Premium calculation

Premium is the amount paid by the policyholder to the insurance company for providing financial coverage for the car. The premium amount is dependent on various factors like car model, age of the car, usage of the vehicle, and location. Once you find the insurance premium pocket-friendly you can go ahead and avail the car insurance. Car insurance from Kotak General Insurance offers comprehensive coverage at a lower premium amount. They also provide the facility to purchase car insurance online from the comfort of home.

Thus, a bumper-to-bumper car insurance plan is a valuable cover that offers vehicle protection along with financial cover.

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