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03 Aug 2023

Read about airbag coverage in car insurance policy in india

The airbags in your car are like air cushions that inflate on sensing accidents. They are implemented to protect passengers and drivers involved in car accidents. They have become integral to a car's manufacturing structure to ensure maximum passenger safety. However, an airbag, once deployed or in use, has to be replaced. Replacing them can be an expensive affair unless you get car insurance coverage for them.

Yes, it is possible to get car insurance online for your airbags. Let's take a look at the types of insurance coverage available for the airbags in your car.

Does your car insurance policy cover airbags?

The latest models of cars can be built with up to 10 airbags. Replacing each of them after inflating can prove to be costly. Usually, standard third-party policies do not cover the cost of airbag replacement. However, it is possible to get up to 100% coverage on airbags with a comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive insurance offers coverage more than just liability charges and covers reimbursement for any damages caused to your car due to an accident, including collision and medical coverage, as well as damages caused by fire and theft.

Although comprehensive insurance has a higher premium than third-party insurance, they offer better protection, and the benefits offered by such insurance exceed the extra paid amount in premiums. You can always get comprehensive car insurance online and be on the safer side.

Understanding add-ons

While comprehensive insurance can offer excellent benefits, it does not provide complete coverage. These gaps can be filled by opting for add-ons which can cover quite a few aspects caused due to depreciation. Depreciation occurs due to wear and tear of vehicles due to use.

The older a car, the higher the depreciation rate becomes. The depreciation percentage can be calculated in the following way.

Age of the vehicle

Depreciation % Applicable

Up to 6 months


Six months to less than a year


1 year to 2 years


2 to 3 years


3 to 4 years


4 to 5 years


Depreciation is also based on the car's component affected. In such cases, the depreciation percentage is calculated as follows.

Component of the car

Depreciation Percentage Applicable



Nylon/ Rubber/ Plastic






Airbags made out of nylon are applicable for 50% depreciation. Moreover, depending on the age of the car, airbags are applicable for further deduction in coverage. If you want full compensation for the total damage or loss without deducting the depreciation, you should opt for Zero-Depreciation Cover.

Zero-Depreciation Cover: Getting a Zero-Depreciation Cover has a lot of benefits, as you can claim full reimbursement but only for vehicles that are under the age of 5 years. You should opt for this type of insurance if you have an expensive car or live/commute daily in an accident-prone area.


Accidents are unpredictable, but airbags ensure passenger safety. Getting car insurance that covers your airbags will help you in the long term. Choose the best car insurance as per your needs.

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