Important two wheeler traffic rules you must follow while riding


03 Aug 2023

10 Safety Two Wheeler Safety Rules while Riding

Riding a bike is an easy and quick way to commute, especially in bigger cities that has high traffic congestion. As the number of bikes plying on the road keeps increasing every year, the government of India has laid out certain traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the riders and others on the public roads. So, if you ride a bike, you must be aware of these rules and follow them strictly.

The traffic rules in India are listed under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Government of India amended the act in 2019 to ensure the safety of bike owners and reduce the risk of accidents. The new amendments have imposed heavier fines on traffic rules violations than before.

Here are some of the voilation you must avoid every time you take your bike out on the road.

• Drink and drive

As per the law, driving your two-wheeler under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. If you are caught riding with more than 30 ml of alcohol under 100ml of blood, you face the risk of being arrested without a warrant. Also, you may be asked to pay a hefty fine.

• Using phone while driving

Driving dangerously or using a phone while riding is considered as reckless driving. It is a serious offence that can land you in trouble, and you may have to pay a hefty fine.

• Over speeding

In India, you must be aware of the speed limit at every road. If you over speed or drive beyond the speed limit, you would be violating the traffic rules and would be convicted for over speeding.

• Participating in a race

In India, street racing is not allowed. So, as a rider, you must not get involved in any kind of illegal racing. It is a traffic rule violation, and if you are caught doing such activities you may face legal action.

• Juvenile driving

As per the new amendments to Motor Vehicles Act introduced in 2019, individuals below 16 years are prohibited from driving gearless motorbikes. So, if you are a juvenile, make sure that you avoid driving until you reach the permitted driving age.

• Driving without a licence or an expired licence

As per the traffic rules in India, driving without a valid driving licence is a major offence. So, make sure that you always carry a valid licence before you hit the road.

• Driving without valid bike insurance

As per the traffic laws, all bike riders must compulsorily have at least a third-party liability two-wheeler insurance. Not having valid insurance is a violation of the law and it can have serious consequences. You may have to pay a fine up toRs.2000 or face imprisonment up to three months.

• Wearing helmet

While riding a bike you must always wear a helmet. If you are driving with a pillion, even they must wear a helmet. It is important for your safety and also to be compliant with the traffic rules and regulations.

• Make way for ambulance

If you don’t give way for an ambulance, as per the Indian traffic law, you are considered to be committing an offence.

• Observing traffic light rules

While riding a bike, you must strictly follow the traffic light rules. You must stop when the signal is red, and slow down when it is yellow. If you jump the signal, it is a traffic rule violation and you would have to pay a fine for it.

Final Word

Now that you are aware of the different traffic rules you must follow, make sure that you adhere to these rules strictly to avoid paying a fine. Also, if you don't have bike insurance yet or have failed to renew it, you can consider buying a new policy or renewing the existing one with Kotak Long Term Two-Wheeler Secure policy.

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