Important tips to keep in mind in case of bike accidents


03 Aug 2023

Discover 5 essential tips for bike accidents: carry first aid, call police, collect evidence & inform insurer. Check out Kotak General Insurance for more.

If you are a bike owner in India, and ride every day, you would do everything you can to be safe and avoid accidents, right? However, no matter how safely you ride, accidents can happen unexpectedly, due to others' faults. While you may not be able to prevent the accident, you can be prepared for it by getting a bike insurance policy for your two-wheeler.

Bike insurance will help you get financial coverage for the losses you incur. While you may file a claim to get compensation for the repair cost after the accident, there are certain things you must keep in mind to handle the situation in the aftermath of the accident.

Taking the right action is vital to keep yourself, your bike and the companies safe who may be injured.

Carry first aid

Whether you are travelling to work or going on a long journey, make sure to keep a first aid kit handy on your bike. It should contain cotton roll, band-aids, sterile wipes, antiseptic liquid, crepe bandages, pain relief spray/tablet, ointment, scissor, etc.

If you get into an accident, and injure yourself or your companion gets an injury, immediately provide first aid assistance. If anyone suffers a serious injury, rush them to the nearest hospital and seek immediate help.

Contact police

When you get involved in an accident, don't try to escape the situation. Instead, stay at the spot, and immediately report the incident to the police. If there is a police station nearby, narrate the incident to the officials and file an FIR (First Information Report) and get a copy of the same. This is a vital document that you would need while raising your two wheeler insurance claim.

Collect evidence

After you ensure that everyone around is safe, and inform the police, click pictures of the accident scene, or take a video as evidence to support your claim. This would come handy during the claim settlement process.

Inform the insurer

This is a vital step. You must inform the insurer about the accident and narrate the episode in detail. Also, provide the details of your policy and the damage caused to your vehicle and third party's bike, other assets and bodily injuries. You can also send the insurer photographs of the accident site and the surrounding area as proof.

Keep calm

Perhaps the most important thing to do after getting into an accident is to remain calm and not panic. After the accident, you must deal with many legal formalities, and meet different officials. Only if you remain calm, can you think correctly, and get through the processes without any hassles.

If you are feeling too emotional or angry, avoid speaking to anyone for some time to avoid any legal litigation. Make sure that you don't discuss anything about the accident to anyone other than police or insurance personnel. While speaking to the officials, be honest and narrate the details accurately without trying to hide any facts.

Final Word

Road accidents happen without any warning. You can use the above tips to get through the situation if you get involved in one. Always, follow the traffic rules, wear safety gear, and drive cautiously .

Apart from this, it is also equally crucial to renew the bike insurance on time so that you can always be financially & legally protected against bike accidents.

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