Important Reasons Why Sports Bike Insurance is Expensive


27 Jul 2023

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Many people love riding sports bikes. The sporty appearance, high power engine, fast pick-up and the thrill of just wheezing past the vehicles on the road may be too tempting for bike lovers to purchase a sports bike. The sports bikes are different from the regular bikes, and they also need a high maintenance. Also, insuring such bikes would cost you more than regular bikes.

The insurance companies consider different factors to decide the insurance cost for sports bikes. In this write-up, we discuss those factors and why bike insurance is expensive. But, first let us know how sports bikes are different from the regular ones.

Sports bikes are high performance bikes that have high engine capacity ranging from 600 cc to 1000 cc. Although there is no specific definition for a sports bike, motorcycles that have a heavy engine, high speed, and aesthetic body are called sports bikes.

Another major factor that distinguishes sports motorbikes from the regular bikes is their low fuel efficiency and heavy price tag. These mean machines have complex structures, and their parts are usually expensive. If your sports bike gets damaged, and you need to replace or repair any part, it could cost a bomb. All these factors make two wheeler insurance for sports bikes expensive.

Factors That Affect The Sports Bike Insurance Cost


The type of coverage you purchase plays a vital role in determining the premium. You must decide whether you want to buy a third-party insurance that covers only the damages to the third-party during an accident, or you want a comprehensive policy that compensates the financial losses you may suffer due to damage to your bike and physical injuries. The premium for the latter option is higher.

Bike features

The insurance companies generally decide the premium for sports bike insurance based on factors like the bike's age, model, CC (cubic capacity) of the engine, safety features installed, etc. Additionally, insurers consider factors like the bike's manufacturing year, fuel type, modifications done, miles covered, and the current showroom price. And, since the price of such bikes are higher, the insurance premiums are higher too.


The Insurance Declared Value plays a vital role in deciding the premium for bike insurance policy. It is the amount that the insurance companies pay if the vehicle is damaged beyond repairs and you suffer from total loss due to damage or theft.

The insurer calculates the IDV based on the market value of the bike at the time of buying the policy and it keeps changing over time due to depreciation. Getting an IDV assessment done for your bike is a fair way to decide the premium for your bike insurance policy. It also helps you know the maximum compensation you would receive from the insurance company.

Beautification And Modifications

The kind of accessories you have installed on your sports bike to give it a personal touch could have a significant impact on the insurance premium cost. Generally, the bikes that have additional accessories are at a higher risk, and therefore the premium for such bikes are higher.

Now that you know the reasons why sports bike insurance is expensive, let us discuss a few tips to reduce the sports bike insurance premium.

• Check and compare the different policies available online in terms of premium, coverage, and other benefits and choose the one that is cost effective.

• Avoid raising a claim for small expenses. This will help you earn a valuable NCB (no-claim bonus), which you can redeem during renewal and reduce the premium cost.

• Be prudent with choosing the add-ons. By choosing too many riders, you will only raise the premium.

• As per Automotive Research Association of India, all sports bike owners must install security devices. If you have such devices, you can expect the insurer to offer you a discount on the premium.

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