Importance of knowing theory is similar to having practical knowledge of driving


27 Jul 2023

Learn about importance of knowing theory is similar to having practical knowledge of driving. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Every important skill has two aspects to it; theoretical knowledge and practical application. If you want to master any skill, you need to master both aspects. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are equally important when it comes to driving as well. Driving is a valuable skill. While practicing with a car on the road is a great experience, being aware of the traffic rules, the working mechanisms of the car and the legal aspects associated with driving are also extremely important.

If you are still confused about whether to give some time to theoretical learning before getting on the road, here are a few pointers to help you realize why it is a must.

1. Gives you a strong foundation: Theoretical knowledge given during driving lessons covers all the minute details related to driving. These lessons are designed in a way that even beginners can understand them and build a strong foundation before driving. Sometimes even experienced drivers lack this basic knowledge and, therefore, never truly master driving as their foundation is weak.

2. Makes you confident: Being aware of the theoretical aspects of driving will give you the confidence you need before sitting in the driver’s seat for the first time. You can be confident that you have some knowledge beforehand to tackle any problem while driving.

3. Enhances your knowledge about the vehicle: An important part of theory lessons for driving includes making drivers understand the anatomy of their vehicles. This knowledge comes in handy when dealing with a car breakdown, enhancing car performance while driving, or responding to critical emergencies and road hazards and driving confidently.

4. Makes you aware of the traffic rules and legal aspects of driving: Driving is not just about going from one place to another. It carries responsibility. Drivers are responsible for following all the traffic rules to ensure that they drive safely while protecting themselves as well as others on the road. This is taught in detail during theoretical lessons. Also, there are various other legal aspects related to driving, like car insurance, accident insurance, etc., that can only be learned theoretically.

5. Helps during practical application: Theoretical knowledge comes in handy when driving on the road. It equips the driver to tackle any practical situation that might occur while driving. Without theoretical knowledge, drivers might be left to seek help and call in the experts, even for simple things that can be sorted by them easily.


The above arguments clarify that to be a skilled driver, you need to master the theory of car driving and apply it when on the road. These points show that the connection between practice and theory is important as it demonstrates your ability to use theoretical knowledge and the understanding of key driving concepts to help justify your decisions when driving practically. Practical driving lessons, therefore, always need to be backed by theoretical lessons.

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