Impact of bikes anti theft system on bike insurance premiums


27 Jul 2023

All you need to know about Impact of bike's anti-theft system on bike insurance premiums

Anti-theft equipment installation increases vehicle security while also cutting insurance premium costs. Due to the installation of anti-theft devices, bike thefts have dramatically decreased in India. The installation of such devices reduces the number of theft claims, which allows insurance companies to give large discounts. The vehicle insurer often receives a discount on the insurance premium of up toRs.500 if they have an installed bike anti-theft system.

What is an anti-theft device for bikes?

A bike's anti-theft technology prevents theft by triggering a loud alarm whenever someone tries to take it. While some of them are automatic, others are manual bike anti-theft equipment. To lower the likelihood of theft, you often need to connect a small gadget to your bike. The need for such a device increases if you live in a neighborhood where theft is common or if you are bound to park your bike on a public route.

Installation of an anti-theft device and the premium of bike insurance

If you haven't fitted your bike with a bike anti-theft system, the likelihood of a claim is increased. The insurance provider will have to compensate you based on the insured stated value, which is the bike's current market value as determined at the time the policy was purchased. On the other hand, if your bike has an anti-theft device fitted, the likelihood of theft decreases, which lowers the likelihood of a claim. As the insurance provider benefits in this scenario, you will pay lower premiums for your bike insurance policy.

Advantages of installing anti-theft devices in bikes

The advantages of installing a bike anti-theft system in India are listed below:

• Decreased rate of bike thefts

Your bike is protected against theft by the installation of an anti-theft device. The engine stalls, and you immediately receive a notification on your phone when someone tries to take the bike.

• The reduced premium for bike insurance

This is one of the main motives for installing an anti-theft system on motorcycles, in addition to preventing theft. The insurance provider will value your efforts in securing the bike with the security system and can give you a reduction in the bike insurance premium in return.

• Protection from financial loss

Whether you paid for the bike in whole or with EMIs, losing the bike means losing money. Even if you file a claim, you won't get your entire bike purchase price back. Hence, installing anti-theft systems safeguards the bike and also attracts inexpensive rates.

• Easy claim settlement procedure

The insurance company will easily cover your claim if your bike is stolen, and it has a security system since they would know you took precautions to keep it safe.

List of authorized anti-theft devices

• VTS-01-021 & VTS-01-022 from KPIT Technologies Ltd, Pune

• ACONITE 140 by Accolade Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Pune

• TCU by Pricol Limited

• VTS from Wabco India Limited

• ITS System TLG-1000 by Autocop India Pvt. Ltd

Types of anti-theft systems for two-wheelers

• Immobilizer - A bike's immobilizer keeps some parts from moving. For instance, a handle lock prevents key input from disabling the handle.

• Alarm - This gadget uses sound to alert you when someone attempts to steal your bike. Even if you are not near the bike, it will warn nearby residents who can help in stopping the theft.

• Engine Switch - Under this method, all you have to do to prevent the engine from starting before flipping the switch back is turn the switch to the off position.


Not only can a bike theft put you through financial hardship, but it may also involve a lot of legal paperwork and be time-consuming for you. Therefore, you can have total peace of mind and reduce the cost of your bike insurance policy by adding an anti-theft device.

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