How you can use car insurance policy to pay for the dents on your car


26 Jul 2023

Read about How you can use a car insurance policy to pay for the dents on your car. Check out Kotak General Insurance & car insurance online for more information.

When you buy a new car, it is advisable to immediately buy a robust insurance cover for it as it is a mandatory requirement under Motor Vehicles Act. However, most car insurance buyers buy a policy only to comply with the law, and do not consider its other benefits.

Car insurance policies offer two-fold benefits – one, it helps you be compliant with the law, and two, it allows you to get financial protection against the damages that may happen due to an accident. Therefore, when you buy a car insurance policy, you must be careful about choosing the right coverage as it can help you avoid financial loss.

Typically, a comprehensive car insurance policy helps you get coverage against man-made perils and natural disasters like flood, cyclone, earthquake, fire. It offers coverage against theft as well. But, did you know that even in scenarios where your car gets dented, you can use your car insurance policy to pay for the repairs.

The process for claiming a compensation for the car dents is usually quite simple, and you must follow the below steps.

• Registering the claim

The first step in making use of car insurance to get compensation for the dent-related repairs is filing a claim with your insurance company. It is advisable to file the claim as soon as your vehicle gets damaged. It is better to inform the insurer about the dent and initiate the claim as early as possible.

You can register the claim online or any other means offered by the insurance company. When you file a claim, you must submit certain documents, such as a car registration certificate, driving licence, policy documents, copy of the FIR, etc.

If you get involved in an accident and injure a third party, you must also mention the damages to the third party in the claim request.

• Getting the claim registration number

Once you successfully file your claim with all the necessary details and documents, the insurance company will provide you with a claim registration number. You must keep this number handy. It would serve as a reference for any claim-related queries or concerns you may have in the future and also to check the status of your claim request. Every time you file a claim, you get a unique registration number.

• Vehicle inspection by the insurer

Depending on the type of claim you file, the insurer may schedule an inspection of the vehicle to assess the damages before you do the repairs. For cashless claims, the insurer-appointed official will inspect the nature and extent of the damage and provide an estimate of the repair cost to the insurance company. You can carry out the repairs only after the inspection is done.

If you file a reimbursement claim, an inspection may not be compulsory for getting the repair done as you can submit evidence of the damages through photographs and videos.

• Getting the car repaired

After the surveyor inspects your vehicle and submits their report, you can take your car to any of the insurance company’s network garage and get the repairs done. The insurer will settle the bill directly with the garage; you need not pay any money from your pocket.

In case of reimbursement claim, you can get the repairs done then submit the bills and receipts to the insurance company. After assessing the claim, the insurer will reimburse the amount.

Final Word

Thus, it is evident that car insurance plays a vital role in getting financial coverage against the repair cost for dents. If you don’t have an insurance cover yet, you can buy car insurance online from Kotak General Insurance. The Kotak Car Secure is one of the best policies in the market as you get many features and benefits.

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