How to Obtain an Indian Temporary Registration Number


26 Jul 2023

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Buying a new car may be an exciting experience. However, after you have purchased your car, there are a few aspects you should be aware of to avoid any legal difficulties or break any traffic rules.

A temporary vehicle registration number is one of the items you must acquire before driving your car. If your dealer does not provide you with a temporary registration number, we will tell you how to get one in India.

What is a Temporary Vehicle Registration number?

A vehicle's temporary registration number is essentially a one-of-a-kind number used to identify a newly-bought vehicle that hasn't yet been registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). A temporary number in India has a validity period of one month. During this period, you must file an application to the regional RTO for the vehicle's permanent registration number. When the RTO provides a permanent registration number to the car, your temporary registration number will terminate.

After a month, you can also seek a temporary number extension if you haven't received your car's permanent registration number from the RTO until then.

Steps to Apply For the Temporary Registration Number

Follow the steps outlined below to obtain a temporary registration number.:

• The first step is to download Form 20 and fill it out with all the relevant info.

• You must also gather the required documentation before applying for a temporary vehicle registration number.

• After this, you need to go to the RTO in charge of your residential area to submit the application form with the necessary papers/documents.

• To get a temporary vehicle registration number, you must pay the charges.

• The RTO will subsequently provide your new vehicle with a temporary registration number.

Documents Required For the Temporary Registration Number

You will need to provide certain documentation to the regional RTO to obtain your new vehicle's temporary automobile registration number.

• Form 20 is used to seek a temporary registration number plate, whereas Form 22 is needed to get a Road Worthiness Certificate which states that the vehicle has passed all of the necessary tests to be permitted to drive on the road.

• Form 21 or the car sale certificate

• Certificate of Car insurance

• Certificate of Pollution Under Control (PUC), as mentioned in traffic rules.

• The address proof of the vehicle owner, which may be an Aadhaar card, ration card, power bill, and so forth.


That concludes all that information you must have regarding your temporary car registration number. A temporary registration number is required before you may drive a vehicle on the road.

Always get auto insurance coverage when you purchase a new vehicle. The Indian traffic rules prohibit new automobile owners from using their vehicles without a temporary license plate and third-party liability insurance.

Hence, always be sure to drive cautiously and obey all traffic rules.

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