How to know bike owner details by number plate or registration number?


14 Jul 2023

Learn the Simple Steps to Check Bike Owner Details Online Using Registration Number or Number Plate

You might have heard or witnessed a hit-or-run case now and then. In such circumstances, it's possible that you could desire to learn more about the vehicle's owner who ran away. Also, while purchasing a used two-wheeler, verifying the vehicle owner's identification and any other pertinent information becomes a crucial step in the process. The two-wheeler's registration number might be useful in any of these situations.

So, if you are thinking about how to check bike owner details by number plate, then continue reading.

What are the steps to check bike owner details by number plate/registration number?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' introduced VAHAN, making it simple to verify the vehicle owner details by number plate in the comfort of your home. Hence, with an easy online method, you can now find all the information on the bike owner.

Below are the steps by which you can check bike owner details on VAHAN using the registration number -

  • Log on to the Parivahan website.

  • Select 'Informational Services' and click 'Know Your Vehicle Details.'

  • You will be asked to log in or sign up using your mobile number.

  • Once you are in, enter the vehicle number or the number on the vehicle plate.

  • Enter the captcha code and click on 'Vahan Search.'

  • Now you can easily check bike owner details without any hassle.

Also, you can get the information via SMS. Here's how -

  • Enter the vehicle number and send an SMS to 7738299899.

  • You have to type in the format - VAHAN "Number on the registration plate."

  • Once the SMS is sent, you will receive a message with the owner's details.

Remember that the SMS service might not always function. Thus, it is preferable to examine vehicle owner information via the VAHAN site by following the instructions provided in the sections mentioned above.

What details can be obtained using the registration number?

You can check the following bike owner details by number plate or registration number-

  • Owner's name

  • RTO details

  • Vehicle registration date

  • Vehicle type, model, make, emission norm, and fuel type

  • Insurance validity

  • Fitness status and validity

  • PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate

  • MV (Motor Vehicle) tax

  • If the vehicle is financed or not

When to check bike owner details?

These are a few typical justifications that require you to check bike owner details by number plate -

  • In case of accidental damages

If there is a disagreement between you and the opposing party after an accident damages your bike (the other vehicle's owner causing the accident), you may quickly find owner information using the registration number. It can assist you in avoiding any road rage and, if necessary, pursuing the matter legally.

Additionally, checking bike owner details can be relevant when processing health insurance claims related to injuries arising from the accident.

  • While purchasing a second-hand vehicle

Verifying the owner's information, whether you purchase a used bike directly from the owner or via a dealer, is critical to ensure it conforms with all applicable laws. You can use the VAHAN portal or SMS to look for owner information if you have the registration number.

  • While inspecting the vehicle

Throughout their vehicle inspection procedure, the authorities can confirm the specifics of your bike using the VAHAN site. It usually relieves you of the requirement to show physical copies of vehicle paperwork. The authorities can use the VAHAN site to verify the soft copies you have submitted via the DigiLocker software.


If you know the number plate of a bike, you may easily enter the VAHAN website and find out all the information about it. Hence, you can easily check the bike owner's details by number plate if any situation arises.

Moreover, having car insurance and bike insurance in place can provide financial protection in case of any unforeseen incidents, ensuring a comprehensive safeguard for your vehicles.

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